Peak Pilates Fit Reformer Review: Is Worth The Investment?

No one can properly perform a Pilates workout without the use of a Pilates reformer. This simple yet highly useful fitness equipment serves as a platform for you to move and stretch your muscles. When you use this in your workouts, you can optimize the flexibility, balance, strength and lengthening benefits of Pilates. But investing […]

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Supreme Toning Tower Reviews: Does It Really Work?

Fitness chairs and towers have become popular recently as they give us an option to perform intricate workouts at home. For sure, you have heard of the Supreme Toning Tower and what it can do, but you are not sure if it does work. Am I right? Well, I once felt the same way about […]

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Pilates Mat vs Yoga Mat: What Is the Difference?

This is a fairly common question. The best way to answer this is to describe the goals of each exercise. With Pilates, you will be focusing mainly on core strength, body control, and individual muscle toning. Yoga, on the other hand, focuses on flexibility and broad muscle groups. Another major difference between the two is […]

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