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Dr. Sarah Nguyen is a doctor and a weight loss advisor. She has written eBooks to provide comprehensive information about weight loss and ketogenic diet. She has extensive knowledge of fitness, nutrition and ketogenic diet. Her clinical experience of more than 15 years allows her to provide practical tips to the patients to improve their health. She believes in treating the patients in a holistic manner. She aims at educating the patients about the illnesses and providing tips related to their lifestyle and diet to ensure a long-term relief from the disease and preventing its recurrence. She also has an expertise in treating acute and chronic diseases like obesity, IBS, asthma, arthritis, Autism, ADHD, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, allergies, cancer, infections, and skin diseases.

Best Raspberry Ketones Brand Reviews:

Raspberry Ketones! The name itself is so tempting. We all love raspberries and that is why; when we came to know that these delicious fruits can kickstart ketosis and stimulate weight loss, our pleasure knew no bounds. But, we suppose we celebrated our weight loss dream a bit too soon. Because in no time we […]

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Keto Mojo Review

I hope you have not already made up your mind to buy yourself Keto Mojo. I wish I had written this keto mojo review a bit earlier so that I could tell you what is in store for you. Well… But, I hope it’s not too late! You are yet to purchase it, right? If […]

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