What’s the Best Ketogenic Pre-Workout? Get the Extra Boost You Need


You are trying to find the best keto pre-workout supplement!

This primarily means you have taken the right decision of adopting a keto lifestyle. And secondly, it also means you are into workouts!

That’s a great combo for improving your health and fitness you have decided to follow!

But, you have still not found the best keto pre-workout supplements and that’s why; your efforts to get into ketosis faster are somewhat stuck here!


We can understand what exactly you are going through!

Finding a keto pre-workout supplement can be a hugely difficult task!

We know it because we have tried to search for one!

And yes!

Finally, we have found one!

It required us to spend a lot of time and put in a great deal of efforts to evaluate several keto pre-workout supplements on different parameters like their carb content, calorie content and the ability to support workout sessions and ketosis.

But, it was all worth it!

And now, we want to share with you the best keto pre-workout review that will help you achieve your target with the keto diet and regular workouts!

Ready to go?

Let’s begin….

Product Summary:


Perfect Keto Perform

BPI Sports


Carbohydrate contentZeroLowLow to moderate
Effect on energy and workout performanceIncreases energy levels significantly for longer periodsProvided burst of energyIncreases energy levels to some extent
KetosisContains MCT oils that stimulate ketosisContains MCT oils that stimulate ketosisDoes not contain MCT oils
CaffeinePresentPresentAvailable in 2 versions: Caffeinated and de-caffeinated
TasteAvailable in lemon flavorAvailable in 4 flavorsAvailable in 2 flavors
PriceAvailable HereAvailable HereAvailable Here


The Best Keto Pre-Workout to Stimulate Ketosis and Lose Weight

What you are going to read next includes the best keto pre-workout review that can help you derive optimum results by stimulating ketosis.

These keto pre-workout supplements are evaluated on various parameters that determine their efficacy at supporting the production of ketone bodies and improving your workout stamina and endurance.

Let us have a look at these best keto pre-workout supplements one by one so that you can choose the one based on your preferences and specific requirements.


#1.      Perfect Keto Perform

Do you know why Perfect Keto Perform has earned the top position in the list of best keto pre-workout review?

It is because it is perfectly formulated to speed up ketosis and help you lose weight!

It is one of the most effective keto-friendly pre-workout supplements, especially if you are still a trainee trying to find your reigns on the ketogenic diet.

The first thing we appreciate about this supplement is it contains zero carbs and yes, not to forget, zero sugars too.

This is the primary prerequisite you cannot ignore when you are on a keto diet, and do not want the keto pre-workout supplements to impair ketosis.

Another feature of Perfect Keto Perform that might be of interest to you is it can work like a powerful energy booster during strenuous workouts.

Even though it doesn’t contain any carbs, it does contain about 7.7 grams Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) in each serving.

Before you ask what BHB is, let me tell you it is a compound the mitochondria in your cells need to produce energy in the absence of glucose.

This means Perfect Keto Perform would let you work out in the gym regularly without feeling tired!

So, on one hand, you will benefit by losing fats through ketosis, while also building your muscle mass through workouts!

What’s more…

Each serving of these keto pre-workout supplements contain about 5 grams of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides)

MCT oils can improve the production of ketone bodies and even help you avoid the digestive problems caused due to the high-fat keto diet like constipation and bloating.

Perfect Keto Perform also offers caffeine from green tea to keep you alert and promote the fat burning.

It is designed keeping in mind the higher blood supply that your muscles need during exercises. It contains L-citrulline that improves the blood flow to all body parts thus enhancing your stamina to work out without muscle fatigue or cramps!

But, what about the taste?

Well… Perfect Keto Perform scores good on this parameter. It has a refreshing lemon flavor, which would enlighten your senses and help you feel fresh!

Priced at less than $50, it’s a great keto pre-workout bar you can have to improve the ketosis results.

The Good:
  • Contains zero carbs and sugar
  • Boosts exercise performance
  • Improves energy levels and stamina
  • Promotes fat burning
  • Enhances blood circulation to muscles and other body parts
  • Prevents fatigue and muscle cramps
  • Contains no additives and fillers
  • Tastes good
The Bad:
  • Limited choice for flavors
  • Contains a small amount of caffeine



Customer reviews,

Most users have experienced higher energy levels after using Perfect Keto Perform. They have appreciated the long-term energy boosting effect of these keto pre-workout supplements they could feel throughout the day.


#2.      BPI Sports

Here is another keto pre-workout supplement you can use to improve your exercise performance and strength.

This supplement is designed to provide you with bursts of energy during intense training. So, if you into high-intensity workouts like Pilates, push-ups, or lunge to lose weight faster, you can try BPI Sports.

It would help you complete the high-intensity workout sessions without feeling tired by supporting your body with a higher amount of energy it needs during strenuous activities.

This product also contains caffeine that can stimulate your senses and keep you alert and energetic throughout the workout sessions.

Keeping in mind the requirements of the keto diet, this supplement is formulated to contain a very low amount of carbs.

It also has the performance-boosting ingredients such as CDP-Choline that can improve your focus during gym sessions. This will help you stay motivated and dedicated throughout the training program.

Another feature of BPI Sports that needs a special mention is it contains MCT oils and BHB salts.

These ingredients can support your keto efforts and ensure your body turns fats into a usable source of energy faster.

It is available in four delicious flavors including apple pear, tropical freeze, blue lemon ice, and watermelon ice. So, you can choose the one that suits your palate.

It is reasonably priced between $20 to $25 making it a great keto pre-workout supplements you can have at most effective prices.

The Good:
  • Low carb content
  • Contains keto-friendly ingredients like MCT oils
  • Improves stamina and endurance
  • Promotes energy levels
  • Improves mental clarity, and focus
  • Available in four delicious flavors
The Bad:
  • You may still get muscle cramps after working out over a longer period
  • Contains caffeine



Customer reviews,

Experience of users with BPI Sports Supplement has been positive. It has helped them sustain more strenuous exercises. This supplement has also helped users avoid post-workout fatigue. Keto dieters who used it to lose weight have derived effective results.

#3.      Ragnorok-Elite

We have included Ragnorok-Elite from Millennium Sports Technologies in the list of the best keto pre-workout review for a reason.

Most keto pre-workout supplements contain caffeine as it acts as a stimulant and helps you feel fresh and energetic.

However, some keto dieters prefer supplements that do not have caffeine and if you are one of them, Ragnorok-Elite allows you to stick to your preferences.

It is available in 2 versions: caffeinated and de-caffeinated.

Ragnorok-Elite is designed to help you get into ketosis faster and work out regularly without the use of caffeine.

It is one of the best pre-workout powerhouses to use if you want to try muscle building exercises to grow muscles.

It can keep your body nourished throughout the training program. Ragnorok-Elite contains essential antioxidants that can protect your muscles from the damage caused by toxic metabolites released during exercise sessions.

It also contains electrolytes, which your body needs to prevent dehydration and muscle cramps during strenuous exercises and lifting weights.

What makes Ragnorok-Elite unique in comparison with other best keto pre-workout supplements is it contains AstraGin.

AstraGin can improve the absorption of nutrients like vitamins and amino acids in your body. This means you can achieve your weight loss and muscle building goals faster without having to bear the disturbing side effects of a keto diet like dehydration, and extreme weakness.

Ragnorok-Elite is available in two flavors, Crushing Punch Flavor, and Grape Flavor. This product is slightly expensive in the range of $60 to $70.

The Good:
  • Contains essential electrolytes and antioxidants
  • Promotes endurance, and stamina
  • Prevents exercise-induced fatigue
  • Contains absorption-promoting ingredient, AstraGin
  • Offers a choice of avoiding caffeine
  • Available in two flavors
The Bad:
  • The energy levels may not be sustained for a longer period
  • You may not like the taste


Customer reviews,

Users who want to avoid caffeine have appreciated the Ragnorok-Elite formula. However, people who do not mind caffeine content in their pre-workout supplements are not fully satisfied with the results they achieved with Ragnorok-Elite.


How to Choose The Best Keto Pre-Workout Supplements?

The process of choosing the best pre-workout supplements became easier when we decided what we were trying to achieve by using them.

The results we were expecting includes:

  • Relief from fatigue caused due to a low-carb keto diet
  • Prevention of muscle cramps during and after workouts
  • Faster weight loss

This best keto pre-workout review can make it easier for you to find the right supplement based on these features. Let’s have a closer look at these parameters.


1. Does your keto pre-workout supplements provide relief from fatigue?

When you are following a low-carb, keto diet, you are bound to feel tired as if your body has no energy left in it.

And when you want to combine your keto efforts with workout sessions, things can get even more difficult for you as exercises will drain the whatever small amount of energy you have.

However, it is possible to follow a keto diet and simultaneously, exercise regularly provided your keto pre-workout supplements contain a low amount of carbs and also promote your energy levels.

The boost in energy can come from caffeine, as well as the MTCs the keto pre-workout supplements contain.

MCT oils can stimulate ketosis thus allowing your body to use fats in place of carbs. This can ensure your body is not deprived of its source of energy.

It will allow you to work out regularly without feeling exhausted even when you are not consuming carbohydrates.


2. Can the keto pre-workout supplements prevent the side effects of workouts?

During workouts, you will experience several unpleasant effects and muscles cramps is one of them!

This side effect is more common in the keto dieters due to the dehydration caused by this diet. Hence, the keto pre-workout supplements you choose must have the properties to prevent dehydration and muscle cramps.

You can make out if the keto pre-workout supplements you plan to use does provide these benefits if it contains electrolytes that increase water retention.

Electrolytes can reduce the loss of water through urine and keep you well-hydrated during workouts.


3. Can the keto pre-workout supplements help you lose weight faster?

If the primary goal you want to attain by following a keto diet is to lose weight, then the pre-workout supplements you choose must have a low carb content as recommended by this diet.

Also, the supplements must be low on calorie content so that you do not end up consuming excess calories that cause weight gain.

Additionally, the supplements must also have MCTs that promote ketosis and stimulate the fat burning rate.

Making sure you choose the most effective supplement based on the best keto pre-workout review will ensure you can attain your weight loss target with ease.


So, Which One Is The Best?

While all of these keto pre-workout supplements performed well for stimulating ketosis and improving your workout results, it was Perfect Keto Perform that showed the best results.

Based on the results of the best keto pre-workout review, we can say that Perfect Keto Perform has scored over the other pre-workout supplements based on the parameters on which they were evaluated such as the carbohydrate and calorie content, the energy boost provided and the weight loss results achieved.

So, if you want to get into ketosis faster and derive optimum results with your workout sessions without feeling exhausted, you can definitely try Perfect Keto Perform!

It is designed to promote the production of ketone bodies so that you can lose oodles of weight in a short duration.

Additionally, it also contains the ingredients to boost your energy levels and prevent fatigue so that you can achieve your fitness goals faster.

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