Best Magnesium Supplement For Keto Diet

Do you know what magnesium is? We are sure if we pop up this question the all you would have in the name of an answer is “It is a mineral”.

Well…. Not bad.

Yes, of course, magnesium IS a mineral!

But, is it just a mineral? Is this all you know about Magnesium?

Don’t you think your knowledge of this MINERAL is too limited, especially when you have embarked on a journey towards a better health and fitness by following a keto diet?

Do you know without magnesium as your aid, you might be left behind in the race of losing weight?

But, all is not lost yet. You still have time…..

You still have a chance to find out the best magnesium supplement for keto. And you should do it.


Because it is this mineral, which is going to take your closer and closer to the goal you want to achieve by getting into a keto lifestyle.

Want to know how?

Just read further to learn what magnesium is in the real sense and how all it could help you get into a perfect health by stimulating ketosis and various other ways.

And once you have realized the importance of this mineral, then, you will be ready to learn the best Magnesium supplement for keto and we will learn that as well.

So, let’s start…


What Magnesium is?

You must be aware of other essential minerals that your body requires to function optimally like there are iron and calcium.

You know it very well that calcium is essential for the health and strength of your bones and teeth while iron can improve the hemoglobin levels in your blood.

And what about Magnesium?

We really do not understand why there is so much ignorance about Magnesium when, in fact, this mineral is as essential and plays an equally important role in supporting our health as others particularly by stimulating the process of ketosis.

To let you know the basics, Magnesium is one of the minerals on the earth that are essential for maintaining our health.

It performs an important role in carrying out nearly 600 intercellular as well as intracellular reactions throughout the body.

Each and every cell and tissue of our body requires this mineral to be able to function efficiently. It contributes to the healthy functioning of the brain, heart, bones, and the muscles.

A regular use of the best Magnesium supplement for keto has been linked to several benefits, that could primarily be attributed to its ability to support the process of ketosis, improve digestion and fight inflammation.

Moreover, magnesium also plays a role in relieving constipation, and controlling your blood pressure.

Now, that you have a clear understanding of what magnesium is, let us continue to learn the best magnesium supplement for keto.

2018’s Reviews of The Best Magnesium Supplements for Keto Diet

1. Life Extension Magnesium Vegetarian Capsules

While looking out for the best magnesium supplement for keto, we came across this supplement from Life Extension.

We were aware of the reputation this brand has built over years.

Life Extension has been conducting extensive research to help us with some effective minerals and supplements. And these magnesium vegetarian capsules are no exception.

What we appreciate about these magnesium capsules from Life Extension is they have been formulated keeping in mind the daily recommended allowance for this mineral for men as well as women.

The manufacturers have not ignored the fact that the magnesium needs can differ for each person based on his or her age and gender.

The males aged 19 to 30 years need about 400 mg of this mineral per day while the requirement for the females of the same age is approximately 310 mg.

The magnesium capsules from Life Extension’s provide 500 mg of the mineral, which is nearly 125% of the recommended value.

So, you can be assured that your body would not be deprived of this essential mineral while following a keto diet.

Moreover, each capsule contains 4 different forms of magnesium including magnesium oxide, succinate, citrate, and TRAACS, which is a registered trademark of the Albion Laboratories.

This allows your body to derive a balanced amount of magnesium so that you can get into ketosis faster, and lose lots of weight while also avoiding the side effects of a keto diet like constipation.

These capsules also help to relax the muscles in the blood vessels thereby reducing the blood pressure and promoting a healthy and efficient cardiovascular system.

Another fact we liked about this best magnesium supplement for keto is the capsules are purely vegetarian.

Looking at the lower price of this supplement, we can say that it can be quite light for your pockets just as it can help you get lighter on a weighing scale.

Things we liked:
  • A higher dose of 500 mg of magnesium per capsule
  • Made of vegetable cellulose and not gelatin that often contains animal by-products
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Non-GMO
  • Improves the metabolic profile
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Improves the heart health
  • Lower price
  • Offers four types of magnesium with an aim to provide a variety, which should work for all
  • Easy to swallow capsules
Things we didn’t like:
  • Not labeled as verified or approved by authorities like the United States Pharmacopeia and the National Products Association
  • May cause palpitations and loose motions
  • The higher magnesium content of 125% of the daily recommended dose might put you at a risk of getting too much magnesium

Price Available Here

Customer reviews

Most people who used this supplement have expressed satisfaction. The results are effective. Some users have expressed displeasure over the side effects caused due to it like palpitations and loose motions.

2. KAL Magnesium Glycinate

Coming from a brand, KAL, which has established its superiority in formulating evidence-based supplements, it didn’t take long for this supplement to catch our attention.

We must admit it is one of the most popular magnesium supplements for keto.

The KAL – Magnesium Glycinate is a good option you can try to make sure you are not deprived of this essential mineral while on a keto diet.

It provides 200 mg of magnesium per dose. And this dose includes taking 2 tablets to be taken once a day. This would ensure your body receives 400 mg magnesium per day.

If you prefer, you can break the dose to twice a day, if you do not prefer to take 2 tablets at once.

The magnesium in this best magnesium supplement for keto is in the form of magnesium glycinate. And this is what we liked about it. Magnesium glycinate is a form of magnesium, which is absorbed by the body more efficiently compared to the other forms of the mineral.

However, it also contains Magnesium Stearate, which is known to cause liver toxicity and damage to the skin.

Also, it is gentler on the stomach, which, for you, could mean relief from the digestive discomfort linked to a keto diet.

Additionally, unlike most other magnesium supplements, this one offers 1 gram of dietary fiber which adds to the total carb content and calories of each dose.

Hence, if you are conscious of your calorie intake, add 5 calories per serving of 2 tablet-dose. This could also serve as an advantage for you if you are worried about your bowel habits.

The high fiber content would provide relief from constipation by improving the bowel movements. This can be a great advantage of the keto dieters as constipation is known to be a common side effect of this diet.

Also, let us also inform you that these tablets are labeled as vegetarian just in case it is important for you.

We won’t say, it is an expensive supplement, per say, looking at its magnesium content and the other benefits it provides.

But, when we compared it with the price of other supplements, we must admit it is slightly in a higher range.

Things we liked:
  • Provides the recommended amount of magnesium in the form of magnesium glycinate
  • Option to take 2 tablets once a day or one tablet twice a day, depending on your preferences
  • Better absorbed into the intestine
  • Gentler on the stomach
  • Offers a dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free option
  • Labeled as vegetarian
  • Since these are tablets, you can break them into half
  • Created in a GMP recommendations-based facility
Things we didn’t like:
  • Contains Magnesium Stearate, which is not particularly good for the liver and skin.
  • Contains Silica

Price Available Here

Customer reviews

Most consumers have reported to have obtained a great relief from indigestion, and constipation by using this supplement. They have also confessed that this supplement helped them stick to the keto diet without worrying about magnesium deficiency.

However, some problems as evident from the user reviews include loose motions caused by it and the tendency of the tablets to stick to each other.


3. NOW Magnesium Citrate

Now Foods has an excellent reputation when it comes to mineral supplements and this time too, they haven’t disappointed us.

This best magnesium supplement for keto from Now Foods has been able to stand to the test of the requirements of this diet. It does have several strong qualities some of which include the form of magnesium it provides, which is magnesium citrate.

For the uninitiated, let us reveal that it is one of the best forms of Magnesium for the keto dieters. It can provide relief from the common side effects of the keto diet such as constipation, nausea, and indigestion.

Also, we found out that this supplement has a higher than the average efficacy given it contains 435 mg of magnesium, which is neither too high nor too low than the daily recommended allowance for this mineral.

However, since this supplement is available in the form of a powder, it can be a little inconvenient to use. It must be dissolved in a glass of cold water or any clear liquid for consuming.

Also, the touch of the powder to the skin, and eyes must be avoided as there are concerns about the arsenic content of this supplement as revealed through an independent lab testing.

Also, it does not contain undesirable ingredients such as gluten, egg, fish, soy, milk, shellfish, and tree nut. It is produced under a GMP compliant facility and has been manufactured carefully to provide you with an allergen-free supplement.

The price, which is quite on a lower side, is another advantage that makes this one of the best magnesium supplements you can have while on a keto diet.

Things we liked:
  • Relieves constipation and indigestion
  • A higher amount of magnesium in the form of Citrate
  • Manufactured under GMP compliant facilities
  • Gluten-free
  • Does not contain egg, fish, soy, milk, shellfish and tree nut
  • The powder form offers an option to calculate the dose more accurately
Things we didn’t like:
  • May contain Arsenic
  • Inconvenience of use
  • Not suitable for frequent travelers due to the powder form and the need to dissolve in water before consuming

Price Available Here

Customer reviews

Customer reviews for this supplement have been encouraging. Most users have experienced great benefits from its magnesium content. Some users have complained that it forms clumps when water is added.


4. SlowMag Magnesium Chloride with Calcium Tablets

Remember we told you earlier that calcium is also an essential mineral for your body? That is why; we were particularly looking for the best magnesium supplement for keto that also had calcium and our search ended at the SlowMag Magnesium Chloride with Calcium Tablets.

These tablets have been formulated to provide you 143 mg of magnesium with 238 mg of calcium per serving of 2 tablets.

This means you can enjoy the benefits of magnesium, prevent the symptoms of deficiency of this mineral that occur due to a keto diet and also get stronger bones and teeth with its calcium content.

Though the magnesium content is much on a lower side, it may be suitable for those who are sure of getting magnesium from their diet to some extent.

The presence of the two vital minerals in this supplement in each dose helps it make a mark among most other supplements that offer only Magnesium.

Additionally, these Slow-Mag magnesium Tablets are enteric-coated. For you, this means avoidance of stomach upset.

Also, the magnesium in this supplement is in the form of magnesium chloride to allow for a faster and better absorption of the mineral in the digestive system.

Some other benefits of SlowMag Magnesium Chloride include an improved memory, and a lower blood pressure. It can also provide higher energy levels and improve the cardiovascular health.

The proper magnesium levels you can achieve by using this supplement on a regular basis may also improve the protein synthesis, muscle functions, and carbohydrate metabolism.

However, it is the cost of this supplement that somewhat appeared to a deterrent for most users. How we wish it was priced in a slightly lower range!

Things we liked:
  • The addition of calcium for stronger bones and teeth
  • Enteric coating tablets
  • Relief from stomach upsets
  • Improves protein synthesis and the metabolism of carbohydrates
  • Supports muscle functions
  • helping the body utilize the sources of energy and calcium by improving digestion
Things we didn’t like:
  • Provides just 36% of the recommended daily allowance for magnesium per serving
  • Contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Talc

Price Available Here

Customer reviews

Most users have been able to derive good results by using this supplement when coupled with a balanced diet. The calcium content has also been appreciated by most users especially those who are into regular exercises.

However, the low content of this mineral seems to have overshadowed the benefits of the calcium addition as some users have expressed they couldn’t derive any remarkable results.


5. Solaray Magnesium Glycinate Dietary Supplement

One thing that immediately caught out attention was the Magnesium Glycinate content of this supplement from Solaray.

Magnesium Glycinate has the potential to support the enzyme functions thus stimulating the process of ketosis. Also, it can help you avoid a range of side effects of a keto diet including dehydration, loss of sleep, muscle pains, and constipation.

Each dose of this supplement offers 400 mg of Magnesium, which means you can get your required dose of this mineral from using this supplement alone. Hence, if you are a strict keto dieter, you need not worry much about developing a deficiency of magnesium.

However, it must be noted that each capsule contains 100 mg of the mineral, which means you have to take 4 capsules every day to get the dose of 400 mg Magnesium.

However, you must keep in mind that it contains Silica, which is not particularly a good thing for your health.

The lower price of this supplement is one of the advantages that we felt we must let you know.


Things we liked:
  • Provides the daily recommended allowance of Magnesium
  • Stimulates muscle functions
  • Relief from stomach upsets
Things we didn’t like:
  • Contains silica
  • Each dose needs you to take 4 capsules

Customer reviews

The results most users could enjoy after using this supplement are definitely worthwhile. However, the need to take 4 capsules per dose is what most users have not liked.

Price Available Here



Now that you have checked the features of the best magnesium supplement for keto, their pros and cons as well as customer reviews, you must be eager to know how we narrowed down our search to these 5 supplements.

Ok, if you are curious to know, let us reveal the parameters based on which we evaluated the magnesium supplements.


How To Find The Best Magnesium Supplement For Keto Diet?

1. What is the form of magnesium in the supplement?

We checked the type of magnesium that each of these supplements offered. It should be noted that Magnesium can be sourced in various forms and each of them can provide unique benefits.

We have already discussed the available forms of this mineral in each supplement and their purposes.

So, now you can take a call regarding which type of magnesium you need depending on the specific side effects you have developed during a keto diet.

2. What is the amount of magnesium?

Yes, this, of course, was the basic premise, which helped us to narrow down our search for the best magnesium supplement for keto diet. It is not as if we applied the logic, ‘The higher, the better’.

Because we know a very high magnesium level can cause serious side effects. Hence, we have tried to include only those supplements, which provided this mineral in an amount that’s closely related to the daily recommended allowance.

Can it help relieve the side effects?

A keto diet is known to cause several side effects. That is why; we did take into consideration the potential of the best magnesium supplement for keto to help you avoid them.

The amount of magnesium, the forms of magnesium, and the added ingredients helped us analyze how well the supplements could help you prevent the adverse effects of a keto diet like constipation, stomach upsets, indigestion, and keto flu.


3. What about the other ingredients?

The best magnesium supplement for keto contains not just this mineral but also a few other added ingredients. Some of them are good and some of them are not.

Like, we liked the products that had added calcium for the obvious benefits this extra mineral can provide you with.

At the same time, we also checked and let you know whether the supplements contained harmful ingredients like silica, gluten, soy, dairy products, etc.

Some More Things about Magnesium You Must Know….

Well… We, sort of, know you are not much in with the knowledge of magnesium. That is why; we decided to share some facts about this mineral as given below so that you can take an informed decision about using the best magnesium supplement for a keto diet.

1. What are the benefits of using magnesium supplement?

Now, let us dig deeper into this mineral to check how exactly it can help you do better while on a keto diet. We will also discuss some of the common benefits of this mineral.

Relieves stress and anxiety

The deficiency of magnesium can raise the cortisol levels thus contributing to anxiety, brain fog, and panic attacks.

These symptoms tend to worsen during a keto diet as it may lack the foods high in this mineral as well as the already existing fear or anxiety about trying a new diet.

You can avoid these symptoms by using Magnesium supplements.

This mineral can restrict the production and release of cortisol, a stress hormone. It can also help you avoid brain fog, a kind of mental block that destroys the creative thinking skills.

Produces Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Chronic inflammation can take hold of the healthy organs in your body, while on a keto diet and these organs includes your brain.

Inflammation of the brain can increase the risk of anxiety, depression, and memory loss.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Magnesium can help to destroy the inflammatory messengers of the immune system called cytokines thus inhibiting the inflammation in the brain.

It may also prevent cytokines from destroying the brain tissues and altering the functions of this vital organ.

This would help you avoid the symptoms of stress such as anxiety, apathy, memory loss, depression, irritability, inability to focus and slowed responses.

Don’t you think these benefits of using magnesium offer a great advantage for you while on a keto diet?

Prevents “Keto-Flu”

Within the initial few weeks of beginning a low-carb, keto diet, you may develop a few symptoms that are called the “keto flu”.

The symptoms include feeling lethargic, or weak along with extremely low energy levels, fever, headache, and stomach upsets.

And these symptoms are, to some extent, linked to the low levels of magnesium in your keto diet. Using the best magnesium supplement for keto diet would help you avoid these annoying symptoms.

Some more benefits of magnesium…

  • Controls blood pressure
  • Improves heart functions
  • Maintains normal nerve and muscle function
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Builds strong bones

2. How much magnesium do we need while on keto diet?

The reliance on the processed foods can put you at a risk of magnesium deficiency while on a keto diet. Also, the higher risk of side effects like constipation caused due to a keto diet might necessitate you to use the best magnesium supplement for keto to obtain relief.

Also, it can be more difficult for you to meet the magnesium needs while on a keto diet, as most of the magnesium-rich foods such as fruits and beans are high in carbs.

Keeping these facts in mind, taking the best magnesium supplement for keto, which provides about 200 to 400 mg of magnesium a day is recommended.

3. What are the possible side-effects of using Magnesium supplements?

Though the upper limit for the use of supplemented magnesium is about 350 mg per day, you may not develop any serious side effects even if you overdose yourself slightly.

However, keep in mind that the very high doses of magnesium can cause a few unpleasant side-effects. Some of them include:

  • Abdominal cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Severe hypotension
  • Magnesium toxicity known as hypermagnesemia
  • Facial flushing
  • Depression
  • Retention of urine
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Palpitations or irregular heartbeat

In case, you develop these side effects, lower the dose of the supplement, or stop using it temporarily.

4. Can we get Magnesium from the foods?

Yes, why not? You can get the required amount of magnesium for your body by including the foods rich in this mineral in your meals. Some of the best natural sources of magnesium include:

  • Unprocessed whole grains
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Squash
  • Broccoli
  • Mackerel
  • Dairy products
  • Legumes
  • Spinach
  • Avocad
  • Swiss chard

However, most keto dieters do not prefer to include these foods in their meals for reasons like the lack of taste factor and a high carb content. This is why; you need to include the best Magnesium supplement for keto in your routine to be able to get better results in a short duration.

Conclusion: Whats The Best Magnesium Supplement For Keto Diet?

Based on the benefits of these supplements, we feel it is the Life Extension Magnesium Vegetarian Capsules that has an edge over others.

It will boost your energy levels, regulate the blood pressure and also support your immune system.

These vegetarian capsules provide not just a higher amount of the essential mineral, magnesium, but provide it in 4 different forms.

This would allow you to get into ketosis faster, and lose lots of weight that too without having to bear with the unpleasant side effects of a keto diet.

We think now is the time we give Magnesium its due importance. You have already realized the mistake you have been doing by ignoring this important mineral.

And now it is for you to take the right steps and start using Life Extension Magnesium Vegetarian Capsules to ensure your keto diet continues on a smooth course without any issues arising due to the deficiency of magnesium.

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