Bowflex Xceed Review: Would It Work the Same With Other Full-Sized Home Gyms?

If you have a small space in your home, you would surely want a compact home gym. And we all know that the Bowflex Xceed Home Gym is marketed to be one of the smallest home gyms in the market available, right?

Aside from its compact size, the issue here would be its operation and use.

Would it work the same with other full-sized home gyms?

Will it give you enough resistance for proper strength training and endurance building?

Is it for you?

I used to ask the exact same questions, and I did my research to find out the answers. Well, guess what? Lucky for you, I will be sharing my discoveries about this equipment in this Bowflex Xceed review.


What’s The Bowflex Xceed Home Gym For?

This equipment is specially designed for intensive muscle building and strength training purposes. This home gym equipment is an updated version of the popular Bowflex Xtreme 2SE.


Who’s The Manufacturer of The Bowflex Xceed?

Just like the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE, the Bowflex Xceed equipment is also a product of the ever popular Bowflex Incorporation which is a company that has been manufacturing and designing innovative and high-quality gym equipment since 1986.

The company is made up of a team of fitness enthusiasts (both pros and beginners), ex-athletes, moms, millennials, dads, dog walkers, hikers, bikers, boomers, joggers, band geeks and even, obstacle course geeks. Each and every member of the team is focused and dedicated to creating machines that can help you achieve your fitness goals in the shortest time possible so you can finally be able to lead a better, happier, and healthier life.


Who’s This Product For?

Who should use this machine? Is this the machine for you? According to the information I have gotten from Bowflex Xceed reviews, this machine is highly recommended for the following:

  • People who wish to build and strengthen their muscles.
  • People who are 6 feet and 5 inches tall or below.
  • People who weight up to 300 pounds.
  • People who want to work out at home.
  • People who do not have time to go to the gym but desire to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • People who can only spare a small amount of time for exercise.

Does any of the above-mentioned descriptions fit your current condition or fitness goals? If yes, then you may want to consider investing in this equipment.


The Features and Benefits You Should Know

Why choose the Bowflex Xceed home gym equipment? What makes it a good investment? This product is one of the most popular home gym equipment that you can find in the market today, and these are due to amazing reasons.

Below are some of the features that you will enjoy when you but this equipment:

1.     Compact size

As compared to most of its counterparts in the market, you can consider this home gym to be compact. It takes about 135 x 124 cm of floor space when it is already fully assembled.

But for safety purposes, the manufacturer recommends allocating approximately 244 x 198 cm workout space for it.

Moreover, the highest point that this equipment can reach is around 82 inches.

2.     Stylish Look

Many people consider a home gym to be an eyesore in their homes. That is why they would often place it in locations that are not frequented by people.

You can consider the Bowflex Xceed to be an exception to this rule. The home gym features a combination of three colors—black, gray and red. Its minimalist style will surely suit any home interiors.

3.     Durable and Stable Construction

The primary concern that you would have for a small home gym is its stability and durability. With that in mind, you would be happy to know that this home gym is made of heavy-duty steel material.

It may not have adjustable stabilizers like most of its competitors, but its base rests on rubberized pads to improve its floor grip and provide stability.

The unit also has different sets of cable. All of which are covered by a thin PVC material and have been tested for over 1000 pounds of resistance.

4.     Padded Height Adjustable Seats

When it comes to comfort, the Bowflex Xceed is not left behind. Both its seat and backrest are wrapped with 2 inches of foam padding to ensure the user’s comfort.

As compared to the older Bowflex model, its backrest is made to be wider to deliver enough lumbar support to the user.  The weight capacity of the seat is around 300 pounds or 136 kilograms.

If you think your height will be an issue, there is no need to fret. The seat can be adjusted to several height positions with the highest being 6’ 5” or 196 cm.

5.     Lots of Exercises Possible

This home gym is designed for performing over 65 full body workouts, ranging from abdominal exercises, arm exercises, back exercises to chest exercises, leg exercises, and shoulder exercises.

The unit comes with an exercises guide that will instruct you how to perform the said exercises using this machine.

6.     Efficient Pulley System

This home gym has a total of 8 pulleys which are made of fiberglass reinforced materials and have stainless steel bar bearings to ensure smooth operation.

These pulleys swivel on all directions to allow you to perform all the exercises mentioned in the manual.

7.     Great Weight Resistance

Same with the previous products from Bowflex, this home gym is also equipped with their trademark Power Rod resistance system. This system removes the need for weight stacks and dumbbell plates.

Instead, the power rods, themselves, provide the weight resistance you need during your workout. These rods are made of a special elastomer which is coated with a thin rubber material.

Each power rod comes with precision-machined rings where you can attach the cable hooks. The power rod set gives a weight resistance of 210 pounds.

If this is too light for you, you can upgrade it by adding more rods from the power. The maximum weight resistance that this home gym can give is 410 pounds.

8.     Comes with Attachments and Accessories

The unit also comes with a few attachments and accessories. First, it has 2 rubberized D-handles required for most of the possible exercises.

Other accessories include the 50-inch bent lat bar, straight squat bar, and leg developer. It also has 4-inch foam rollers for performing standing leg curls and leg extensions.


The Pros You Want to Know:
  • Assembly instructions are clearly explained in the manual.
  • The package already comes with a few assembly tools—2 Allen wrenches.
  • The equipment has a rust- and chip-resistant paint finish for longevity and durability.
  • No need to buy weight stacks and dumbbell plates.
  • It is more compact than the standard home gym equipment.
  • The unit is suitable for small homes and offices.
The Cons You Need to Know:
  • Its base does not come with anchor holes or points so you cannot attach the entire equipment to the floor of your home.
  • This is not a foldable unit.
  • Modification of the pulley system is needed to perform different exercises.


Bowflex Xceed Home Gym Reviews from Customers:

The best way to know if the Bowflex Xceed is for you is to read Bowflex Xceed review. Here are some of the reviews that I have found online:

One customer loved the fact that he was able to work out every single muscle in his body using this machine. In addition to that, he also appreciated the fact that assembly is easy.


Another customer commended the small size of the home gym which allows him to place it in his little office. He also highlighted how versatile this home gym is as it will enable him to perform different types of exercises.


One user loved the quality of the home gym. He mentioned that even the smallest parts of the machine are of high quality. He also liked the fact that the instructions are clearly explained which makes the assembly as easy as possible.


Another review stated that the machine “Xceeded” his expectations. The user claimed that this home gym has better quality as compared to all the other home gyms available in the market today.


On the other hand, one user complained about how the equipment requires too many modifications or adjustments to switch to other exercises.


Another Bowflex Xceed review states that the machine gives him a limited range of movements.



Comparison of Bowflex Xceed Vs. Marcy Smith Cage MD-9010G

Of course, you may be thinking how the Bowflex Xceed home gym equipment compares to its other counterparts in the market. One of the most popular alternatives to this equipment is the Marcy Smith Cage MD-9010G.

To further evaluate the differences between the two, please check out the comparison table that I have created below:


Product NameBowflex XceedMarcy Smith Cage MD-9010G
Dimensions83” H x 58” L x 49” W95″ H x 79″ W x 86″ L


Number of exercises65+Not clearly stated but many people claim that you can do more than 100 exercises
Weight Range300 lbs300 lbs
Budget Price Available Here Price Available Here

From this table, you can see that the Marcy Smith Cage requires a bigger space and budget than the Bowflex Xceed. Another point of comparison that you need to consider is that the Marcy Home Gym does not come with a weight stack while the Bowflex Xceed gives you additional 210 pounds worth of rod resistance.

While the Marcy Smith Cage home gym gives you an opportunity to perform more exercises, the Bowflex Xceed home gym gives you more resistance which you would need to develop and grow your muscles.

Moreover, the Bowflex Xceed home gym is recommended for people with a tight budget and has only a small space in their homes.


Bowflex Xceed FAQ’s and Tips

Bowflex Xceed FAQ’s and Tips

If you want to have a sneak peek on what it’s like to order and use the Bowlfex Xceed home gym, here are some of the frequently asked questions about it (along with the answers!).

1.     How much is the Bowflex Xceed Home Gym?

The Bowflex Xceed Home Gym has a price range of $500 to $700.

2.     Where to buy the Bowflex Xceed Home Gym?

This equipment is available in physical stores, but you can also buy it at different online shopping sites.

3.     Is it covered by a guarantee?

Yes, the frame is covered by a 7-year warranty while the power rods come with a lifetime guarantee.

4.     How easy is it to assemble the Bowflex Xceed Home Gym?

This unit comes with a detailed assembly manual which is supplemented by assembly videos that you can find in the manufacturer’s website.

As per the recommendation of the company, this unit can be easily assembled by at two people.

5.     What is the advantage of using Bowflex Home Gym instead of free weights?

First and foremost, the weight resistance that this home gym can give has little inertia, so it is considered to be a safer workout.

In addition to that, you can also save space and money since you would need a room full of free weight items just to match the weight resistance that this home gym can give.


The Final Verdict

Home gyms have become quite popular lately because people no longer have the time to visit the gym. The Bowflex Xceed home gym is one of the best candidates out there as it has all the features you need to develop and strengthen your muscles—innovative weight resistance system as well as attachments and accessories to perform all types of exercise.

But more than these, this home gym is compact and more affordable than most home gyms. Its unique power rods resistance system also offers a much safer workout experience.

For more information about this home gym equipment, head to this link



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