Yoga mats Jade versus Lululemon: Which will work best for you?

Published in Product Reviews, Yoga Accessories on 7th July 2017
Yoga mats Jade versus Lululemon: Which will work best for you?

It can be tough to find the right yoga mat, which is one of the most important items for your yoga workout.


Today, I am going to review the Jade yoga mat vs Lululemon so you can get a better idea from my research which one will work best for you.


When you’re deciding between two yoga mats, there are several factors that you should take into consideration.

  • How much cushioning does the mat provide?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • What kind of rubber is it made from?
  • Is it priced fairly?


Below I will give a review of each mat, tell you the pros and cons, and key benefits of each mat.


At the end of the article, I will tell you my final verdict. We hope the information below will help you decide which mat is right for you.


Jade Yoga Mat Review


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This great gripping yoga mat comes from the USA with naturally sustainable rubber.


Jade yoga arose in 2002 from Jade Industries with a mission to provide high-quality products that are eco-friendly and produced from an all-natural sustainable rubber.


Products made from naturally sustainable rubber benefit not only the environment but the community and business world as well.


What I consider the pros of this Jade yoga mat are;
  • Grip; the great grip on this yoga mat not only help with stability in certain poses but also reduces the risk to injuries to the joints or from falling. The grip is an extremely important factor when it comes to yoga. If you have a mat that does not provide reliable grip, falling is a big issue that you will always have to worry about.
  • Cushion; this mat provides a good cushion will it still provides good stability, especially for those who do not suffer from joint issues. The cushioning between the floor and your body serves as a barrier, both protecting your joints and protecting you from the cold floor.
  • No smell; while this mat is made completely from natural rubber it does not have an overpowering odor of rubber when you first purchase and use it. This is often one of the top complaints amongst people when trying out a new mat.
What I consider the cons of this mat are;
  • Cleaning can be difficult, this can lead to bacteria and fungi forming which is not good for you the user.
  • No warranty or guarantee information is available. I dislike this as you can see from a warranty of guarantee that the company believes their product is durable. Although this does not nesecarrily mean the product is not durable, it’s still a nice safeguard to have.
  • Water absorption; this means when you sweat the mat is going to absorb that sweat which again can cause bacteria, fungi, and of course odor. It can also lead to discoloration.


Learn: How to Clean Your Jade Yoga Mat

Who is the Jade yoga mat for?


The jade yoga mat is for anyone who is serious about doing yoga safely and comfortably.


Those with joints problems will especially benefit from this mat as it is very safe and protective for them.


If you have serious joint issues such as arthritis or something that causes pain it may not be thick enough, however, there are ways to address that issue and still use this mat.

Key features of the Jade yoga mat


The key features that I like concerning the Jade mat are;

  • It is made from naturally sustainable rubber which means it will not deplete the environmental resources or cause toxicity in a landfill.
  • It also provides a cushion to help when doing certain poses.
  • It has an awesome grip which as we all know is extremely important when it comes to doing yoga safely.

Customer reviews


Pamela writes;

“Great performance, provides a good sticky grip with plenty of cushion for performing certain poses in which the wrists or knees are used.

It is also eco-friendly both when the company plants a tree and also when throwing away it is biodegradable.

I give this mat a 5 out of 5 rating and highly recommend it to anyone who does any kind of yoga.”


Victoria writes:

”I would never go back to using another mat again. I was shocked at how well this mat sticks to the ground.

I’ve tried mats in the past that were advertised as ‘great grip,’ but they would still slide around. I had no problems whatsoever with this mat staying in place.

I’ve recommended this to family and friends and I haven’t heard one negative comment yet.”


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Lululemon Yoga Mat Review


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The Lululemon mat company is originally from Vancouver Canada and designed this mat to have a little extra cushioning for hips, knees, and other poses.


Lululemon advertises free shipping and free returns; however, make sure to check the return policies since things like water bottles or undergarments are not returnable due to hygiene reasons.


The pros I found on this yoga mat are;
  • Easy to clean, this will help reduce the chance of bacteria, fungi, and odor developing which could cause you to become ill. Mats make common breeding grounds for plantar warts, herpes, athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, and ringworm. If you do not have your own mat and you use one at your gym instead, your chances of coming in contact with these bacteria are even more common. Bacteria thrive in humid, warm areas, so your yoga mat is the perfect location for them to live.
  • An added antimicrobial; which helps reduce bacterial and fungal growth reducing health hazards and smells.
  • Cushioning for poses during your yoga poses while providing stability.
The cons that I found in this mat are;
  • Durability, many of the people who have purchased this mat say that it does not hold up well. With yoga mats, durability is one of the very most important factors, so this was a huge deal-breaker for me. If you’re someone who uses your yoga mat on a frequent basis, I would not recommend this mat to you.
  • They cite the following; warping, flaking, and pattern wear off which causes the feet and hands to become colored (if the mat is blue in it then your feet and hands can become blue). Customers have reported that these things happen very quickly after purchasing the mat.
  • While it is cleanable some people have complained that it still smells bad or has a chemical smell that leaves them with a headache. This can be very unpleasant and distract while trying to relax and do your yoga poses.

Who is the Lululemon yoga mat for?


This mat is designed for people doing yoga and to have a bit of added cushion for yoga poses that require you to be on your knees, wrists, or elbows.


While it may not be suitable for those with very serious joint conditions, it can be helpful to those with mild to moderate issues.


Key features of the Lululemon mat


The key features of this mat are that its design is for yoga users as well as being easy to clean.

Learn: How To Clean Your Lululemon Mat

Customer reviews


Lacey writes

“While I was happy with this mat at first, I became less so over a period of several weeks.

First, the smell was horrible enough that every time I was done with yoga I had a headache from the chemical smell.

Second, while it is supposedly easy to clean I found that not to be true since following the care instructions of the company to the letter the mat still was not clean which caused it to be not as good at gripping and added to the smell.

Third, the design/color began to fade and I found myself with my feet and hands colored from the mat.

Overall I would only give this mat a 3 out of 5 in rating and say before purchasing this mat be sure to look at other brands that will work for you.”


Sarah writes:

This mat was just ok to me. I expected it to be a lot more cushioned. I have knee issues and found that this mat was slightly painful on them.

Also, as others have mentioned, I noticed a very strong chemical odor coming from this mat. It subsided with time, but never completely went away.

Overall, I’m disappointed that I spent money on this mat. I would give it 2 out of 5 stars. This wasn’t the worst mat I’ve ever tried, but if there are other options available to you, definitely check them out.”


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FAQs and Tips


Whether you purchase the Jade or Lululemon mat here are some FAQs and tips to help you keep your mat in good working order.


  • Return policies; always make sure to check the return policies of the manufacturer. Return policies vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.


  • Care instructions need to be followed correctly so you do not damage your mat which could cause it to be less sticky or have less of a grip.


  • Be sure to clean your mat after use and allow it to dry thoroughly before rolling or folding your mat for storage.

Final verdict


After research and careful consideration, my final verdict is that the Jade mat is a better choice when it comes to durability, performance, and being eco-friendly.


You can find the Jade mat here where you can see the key features as well as the pros and cons.


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