Keto Kookie Review: Will These Low-carb Cookies Affect Your Ketosis?

“To eat or not to eat! That’s the question!”

If you are reading this Keto Kookie Review to find out if you can eat cookies while on a keto diet, you seriously need to revisit the first chapter of the keto diet.

The first chapter says, NO CARBS!!!

Eating cookies is strictly forbidden for the keto dieters! Cookies are laden with dangerous sugars and you do not want to take chances when you have given up your carbohydrate consumption.

If you have decided to follow a keto diet to lose weight or with any other fitness goal in your mind, you have to follow the rules of the game strictly.

And as you must already be aware, cookies, which are laden with carbs, are not allowed!

You surely don’t want to get back to from where you started by eating cookies! Isn’t it?

So, does it mean the answer to the Shakespearean Dilemma, “To eat or not to eat,” is NO?

Well…. We will find out about it in this Keto Kookie Review!

Here are the facts….

What are Keto Kookies?

What are Keto Kookies?Keto Kookies are the cookies from which ‘C’ has been removed and replaced with ‘K’. So, these are not the regular ‘c’ookies but ‘k’ookies!

And this ‘K’ stands for ketosis!

Yes, your favorite ketosis, which you have been longing to achieve since the day you began with your keto diet!

Just like any other cookies, Keto Kookies too are sweet and meant to provide you a yummy, buttery confectionary.

It is made from high-quality ingredients each of which has been chosen carefully to ensure your keto diet is not affected.

Keto Kookies are available in three delicious flavors that offer a healthier alternative to the usual store-bought cookies.

These cookies have been developed by two friends, Kristoffer and Victor, when they managed to shed off considerable body fat successfully by following a ketogenic diet.

However, though they experienced renewed vigor and energy and better health and fitness upon the completion of the keto program, they realized the need for a healthy, keto-friendly confectionary to assuage the cravings for sweet.

And this marked the beginning of their quest to come with a formula of these revolutionary Keto Kookies.

The carefully formulated recipe of Keto Kookies includes only healthy ingredients such as almond flour, pure organic butter, high-quality chocolate, and natural sweeteners.

That is why; let me mention in this Keto Kookie review that these are actually the cookies with a K.

They possess exactly what you need in a cookie! I mean the taste and the pleasure!

And, what they don’t contain is any harmful ingredient that can bring you out of the state of ketosis!

Let’s continue with this Keto Kookie review and find out more about how it helps to stimulate ketosis and shed the excess weight.


Pros Of Keto Kookies:
  • Low-carb content meant to stimulate ketosis
  • Contains a high amount of healthy fats thus encouraging ketosis further
  • Prevents spikes in your blood sugar levels thus maintaining the state of ketosis
  • Free of Gluten to help you avoid inflammation and other risks associated with gluten consumption
  • Does not contain artificial sweeteners thus ensuring you don’t have to bear with the unpleasant aftertaste
  • Naturally sweetened to please your taste buds
  • Offers a rich, buttery taste that is as satisfying and delicious as the chocolate-chip cookies
  • Has a great texture
  • Stays fresh for long as each cookie comes in an individual serving of a foil-lined pouch
Cons of Keto Kookies:
  • These cookies are a bit soft; so, you may not like it if you prefer a crunchy texture


What Are The Ingredients?

Let me reveal in this Keto Kookie review what makes these cookies keto-friendly while being delicious.

The secret to the pleasing taste and keto-friendly effects of these cookies can be attributed to the highest quality ingredients present in it as given below:

  • Almond butter
  • Almond flour
  • Coconut
  • Dark chocolate
  • Erythritol (natural sweetener)
  • Monk fruit extract
  • Grass-fed butter
  • Vanilla extract

These cookies are prepared with the finest quality of these ingredients, which make them a bit expensive than most other store-bought confectionaries.

But, the benefits these Keto Kookies can provide, together with their great flavors, and texture, do make up for the added cost.

What Are The Benefits?

With the unique blend of ingredients, these cookies make up for an ideal addition to your keto diet.

These cookies are formulated keeping in mind the needs of a keto diet to help to derive the multiple health benefits including reduced cholesterol levels, diabetes control, weight loss, and improved energy levels.

Let me continue with this Keto Kookie review by taking a closer look at how these cookies can produce these beneficial effects.


1.      How does it work to lose fat?

The effectiveness of Keto Kookies to induce a state of ketosis can be attributed to its unique ingredients. The keto-friendly ingredients are selected based on the concepts of this diet.

The results of the Ketogenic diet can be achieved when the low-carb and high-fat content of the foods you eat induce a metabolic state that forces your body to utilize fats as a primary source of energy.

This process requires ‘convincing’ your body to burn fats instead of sugars and it can occur only when the body is deprived of glucose.

By limiting the body’s availability of carbs, your body is forced to burn fats at a faster rate to meet its fuel needs.

This is a tricky process as most keto dieters tend to give in before the state of ketosis occurs primarily because they are not able to control their craving for sugary treats.

However, Keto Kookies allow you to eliminate these cravings with their delicious flavors. These cookies can allow the process of ketosis to continue without setting back the entire progress by ensuring you can control your craving for sugars.

This can help you to overcome the challenges posed by the low-carb keto diet without feeling deprived of your favorite carbs.

Also, the sweetening blend of erythritol mixture and monk fruit extract of this cookies can satisfy your craving for sugars without raising the blood sugar levels.

Erythritol will also help you to avoid the bitter aftertaste commonly associated with sweeteners like stevia.


2.      Regulates cholesterol levels

Let me mention in this Keto Kookie review that these cookies can be beneficial for you to keep cholesterol levels in control.

Almond flour and almond butter present in it would improve the liver functions and stimulate the elimination of unhealthy LDL cholesterol from the body while increasing the levels of healthy HDL cholesterol.

This can bring about an improvement in your HDL:LDL ratio and reduce your risk of heart attacks and stroke.


3.      Improves exercise performance

The almond flour and almond butter present in Keto Kookie are perfect when it comes to enhancing your exercise performance.

Almonds offer a rich protein content and a healthy level of fats. This favorable combination of proteins and fats can keep you feeling energetic and enhance your ability to work out without feeling tired.

The high protein content can also support the muscle growth and help you achieve a chiseled body.


4.      Reduces blood sugar levels

Keto Kookies have a very low carbohydrate content. They also contain a high amount of fibers. This can keep your blood sugar levels in control.

Almonds also prevent insulin resistance, thus keeping type 2 diabetes in control.

It can also reduce your calorie intake and prevent spikes in blood sugar levels by creating a sense of satiety.


What Do Keto Kookies Taste Like?

My first experience with these cookies was sweet and buttery! Literally!

Let me confess in this Keto Kookie review that these cookies felt chewy and crumbly, not to mention the unique delectable flavors, which filled my mouth with each bite!

Keto Kookies are actually tasty, delicious, and something that you need drastically while following a keto diet!

With the carefully formulated blend of ingredients, these cookies offer a flavorful confection to keep your taste buds contented.

Who knows it better than me how important are such kinds of snacks when trying to stick to a ketogenic diet!

The limits this diet puts on your carb intake can be too disturbing at times!

But with Keto Kookies offering a great natural taste, you will not mind giving up on your regular, unhealthy, high-carb foods!

The almond butter and flour give these cookies a delightful flavor, which is exotic, to say the least!

The chocolate chips add to the pleasure while the coconut offers an interesting twist in the form of a unique texture.

I also appreciate that these cookies are prepared using pure, grass-fed butter. The rich, enticingly decadent, buttery taste makes these cookies highly irresistible.

And yes, how can we forget the sweetness?

These cookies contain erythritol and monk fruit extract, both of which provide a naturally sweet taste to the cookies.

They provide a satisfying taste without any unwanted carbs.

Also, unlike most other baked products, which are sweetened with Stevia and similar artificial sweeteners, Keto Kookies do not leave an unpleasant bitter taste in the mouth.

What Are The Different Flavors?

One thing I must mention in this Keto Kookie review is these cookies are available in 3 unique flavors:

  1. Chocolate Chip
  2. Cinnamon Snickerdoodles
  3. Double Chocolate

The classic chocolate chip flavor cookies are made with almond flour, grass-fed butter, and organic coconut.

And of course, these cookies are oozing with dark chocolate chips.

Cinnamon Snickerdoodles offers a unique twist to the regular cookies with a spicy yet refreshing aroma of cinnamon.

The double chocolate flavor offers a double delight with a blend of a soft and chewy texture of the chocolate chips and a rich dough of chocolate.

This means double the fun with your all-time favorite, chocolates!

Who Can Use Keto Kookies?

You can buy Keto Kookies if you fall in one or more of the following categories of keto dieters:

  • You find it difficult to control your craving for sugars
  • You want to lose weight in a short duration
  • You don’t want to comprise on the ketosis results due to your uncontrollable urge to eat carb-rich foods
  • You suffer from diabetes and want to keep your blood sugar levels in control

Customer Reviews

The keto dieters have been pleased with the addition of these cookies to their diet. It has given them the opportunity to stick to the difficult rules of the keto diet without losing out on the benefits of ketosis.

Some users who purchased these cookies from Amazon have complained that the cookies seemed to have a different texture when purchased the next time.

Where Can I Buy Keto Kookies

You can buy Keto Kookies directly from its manufacturers, Nui. Purchasing these cookies online from the company’s website can assure you that the product you receive is genuine.

You can also buy Keto Kookies from Amazon if you find it convenient.

However, it is preferable to buy it from the manufacturer’s website as it ensures a faster delivery in just 2 to 3 days. All Keto Kookies are baked in small batches. So, the product delivered to you is fresh.

Also, the company offers great deals with occasional sale and discount coupons. This means you can save a few bucks by buying it directly from the official website of Nui.

Our Final Thoughts…

Let me end this Keto Kookie review on a yummy note!

I must say these cookies stand true to the needs of our sweet tooth! You can munch on these cookies for your breakfast or even mid-meal snacks.

The unique blend of ingredients in these cookies offers a great push to your efforts to get into ketosis faster while keeping your cravings satisfied.

So, if you are struggling for keeping up with the demands of the keto diet, you can rely on Keto Kookies so that your urge to eat sugars doesn’t come in your way of achieving better health and fitness.

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