Keto Mojo Review

I hope you have not already made up your mind to buy yourself Keto Mojo.

I wish I had written this keto mojo review a bit earlier so that I could tell you what is in store for you.


But, I hope it’s not too late!

You are yet to purchase it, right?

If you have not placed the order, you still have a chance to find out more about Keto Mojo so that you know what you are getting yourself into by buying this product!

Are you now ready to spend a few minutes to find facts?

I don’t really want to waste your time anymore.

Let’s begin right away…

What’s Keto Mojo?

One search on google or amazon will tell you the basic fact about Keto Mojo that it is a test kit to monitor your blood sugar and ketone levels.

Now, why do you need it? Why is there is an urgency to check your blood glucose or ketone levels at home so often?

You can go to the lab and do the test there, perhaps once a month or so?

Simple, isn’t it?

Then, what has made Keto Mojo a necessity for you?

You will find the answers soon…

Let’s go beyond the basic facts and find out more about this testing kit in the Keto Mojo Review.

To continue, let me tell you one more fact! This test kit is designed to monitor your keto diet.


A keto diet? Now, this has started making sense!

If that’s the case, we need to find out how exactly this testing kit will help you keep your diet on track and enable you to get better results.

It is priced comfortably at less than $60!

To help you with this, Keto Mojo kit is provided with a few accessories to keep a track of your progress with the keto diet.

The accessories include:

  • Blood Glucose and Ketone Testing Kit
  • 10 Lancets and Ketone Test Strips each
  • 1 Lancet Device
  • Carrying Case

And Glucose Strips?

No, it doesn’t provide glucose strips.

Now, we have some foundation based on which we can assess if you really need this test kit at your home.

For this, I will have to reveal some more information about this device in Keto Mojo review so that you can decide for yourself if you need it.

Pros Of Keto Mojo:
  • Accuracy of results
  • Easy to use
  • Tested and recommended by the leading Keto Experts including Dr. Nasha Winters, Dominic D’Agostino, Professor Thomas Syfried
  • Recommended by Andreas Eenfeldt, a diet Doctor
  • Offers a complete home kit package as it includes the accessories like a lancet device, lancets, ketone test strips, and so on
  • Quick results
Cons of keto Mojo:
  • Slightly expensive
  • You the device has to be coded


Customer Reviews, 

A look at the reviews made me realize that I was not the only one happy for having this device. Most users have used it to their advantage to keep a check on their blood ketone levels and derive better results.

Now, let us continue with this Keto Mojo review to find out how you can use it to support your keto diet and whether it is worth the investment.


Will Using Keto Mojo Make Any Difference to Your Keto Diet Results?

If you have started following a keto diet, you know for sure why it’s so difficult to keep a track of your progress.

You can check your weight on a weighing scale! But, there is no way you can find out whether your body has started producing ketone bodies adequately to help you lose weight unless you do the blood test.

No mirror or weighing scale is designed to help you with this!

That’s when ketone test stripes provided with Keto Mojo can help you.

So, let’s see how having Keto Mojo at your disposal might be an advantage for your keto results.


1. It helps you know the ketosis levels in your body

Let me mention in this Keto Mojo review that this kit is designed to help you peek within your body and evaluate the state of ketosis it has achieved.

It provides accurate results within just a few seconds. So, just at the prick of a finger, you can know whether your body is producing adequate levels of ketone bodies.

When you see positive results on the keto strip, you will be motivated further to get going with your efforts.

And in case, you find not-so-impressive results, you know you have to try harder.

This means Keto Mojo can provide you an opportunity to make changes in your diet and physical activities to ensure you can derive the multiple benefits of a keto diet.

It will also help you be sure of being on the right track and even help you achieve a deeper state of ketosis for better results.

Your home kit will also be your well-wisher who will warn you when the carbs you are consuming secretly kick you out of ketosis.


2. What about the expenses involved?

I must say you are smart! You know it very well that there are always some hidden expenses to bear when you buy such products.

Let me make it clear in this Keto Mojo review that this kit comes with the basic things you need to test your blood glucose and ketone levels.

The Keto-Mojo testing meter includes a package that has one Lancing device, 10 lancets, 10 blood ketone test strips, 1 coding key chip, and a carrying case.

Even the AAA batteries needed for the device are provided with the package.

So, you need not spend on these essentials making keto Mojo a cost-effective option. You can buy new test strips once these are over and a lancet when the first one becomes blunt.

However, this kit does not include glucose strips. Hence, if you plan to use Keto Mojo to keep tabs on your blood glucose levels, you will need to make an additional small investment for the glucose test strips.

3. How much time is needed to test ketone levels with Keto Mojo?

Much less than the time you need to visit a lab; that’s for sure!

The Keto Mojo kit is innovatively designed to let you know the results in just a few seconds! The blood glucose results appear in 5 seconds and the Ketone results in 10.

This is going to save a lot of your precious time! You need not go all the way to the lab to test your ketone levels.

Why don’t you use the time saved for doing some exercises? Just a thought! This will help you get better results with your keto diet.

Also, doing your own blood ketone and glucose testing at home will help you save some money on lab testing. So, over time, you may get your investment in the kit back by improving your savings!

4. I travel a lot; can I use Keto mojo with me?

Yes, of course!

You can carry on with your keto diet and keep a check on how your body is producing ketone bodies even when you are traveling. Keto Mojo is a pretty small device. So, tucking it in your travel bag is no big deal.

5. What else can I use Keto Mojo for?

Keto Mojo can also be used to measure your hemoglobin and hematocrit levels. So, if you suffer from anemia and want to check your hemoglobin levels regularly, this device can come in handy!

Some more benefits of Keto Mojo…

Apart from the advantages we discussed above, Keto Mojo can also be a great device to have for the following reasons:

  • Keto Mojo is FDA-approved for the management of gestational diabetes.
  • It has a feature that allows you to set 4 daily alarms that remind you it’s the time to do the test
  • Affordable ketone strips, which means you can check your blood ketone levels several times a day without breaking your budget.
  • It has a large LCD screen that I found was easy to read even in a dim light


Why Keto Mojo?

After checking out the features of Keto Mojo, I realized there is something more to it worth talking about.

  • Like, it has a memory that allows me to store the results of about 1000 tests. This means I need not keep a diary or any other record of my ketone levels.
  • Another thing I liked about Keto Mojo is it is user-friendly even for the beginners like me. I had never checked my blood myself for anything before.

So, I did not even know what all is needed for the testing. Luckily, Keto Mojo provided all the accessories. So, at least initially, when I was still learning to use the kit, I did not have to scratch my head over what else is needed!

  • And above all, it’s easy to use! Let me confess in this Keto Mojo review that I was nervous like hell about testing my own ketone levels the first time.

How to do the test? What precautions need to be taken? How can I ensure the accuracy of the results?

I had many such questions before doing my first-ever home testing of blood ketones. But, believe me, it wasn’t all that difficult! I learned it well at the first attempt itself!

This kit is very easy to use, thanks to its user-friendly design and the instructions provided with it.


How Does Keto Mojo Works?

Keto-Mojo basically works by measuring the levels of beta-hydroxybutyrate in the blood. The results can be read on the test strip you insert into the device reader.

The readings are mentioned in mmol or millimolar concentration, a very small unit of assessing ketone bodies in your blood.

For you, a reading in a smaller unit means the higher accuracy of the results.

So, Keto Mojo will let you know where exactly you stand in terms of your keto diet and the production of ketone bodies.

Who can use Keto-Mojo?

There are a number of reasons for you to use Keto Mojo to check the blood ketone levels. I have mentioned some of them already. But here’s a complete list:

You can use Keto Mojo if you want to…

  • Monitor your blood ketone levels while following a keto diet
  • Check whether you are in ketosis accurately
  • Specifically target the higher ketone levels for a better athletic performance, weight loss, mental focus, and other reasons
  • Discover if any carb-containing foods are kicking you out of ketosis
  • Determine your personal carbohydrate limit, which means the amount of carbs you can safely consume without coming out of ketosis
  • Check your blood glucose levels, hemoglobin, and hematocrit with the same device


Why not Use Ketone Urine Tests?

Well, you are right in thinking you can also try ketone urine strips as they are easier to use and even cost less. But, there is a problem with urine test strips.

They usually work fine for the initial one or two months. However, as you continue using it even after successfully entering into the state of ketosis, you will find these strips do not provide reliable results.

Ketone urine strips can measure only the ketone content that leaves your body through urine. It doesn’t provide any information about how much of the ketones your body is producing and utilizing.

Within a few weeks into your keto diet, as your body gets adapted to using ketones as a source of fuel, it will excrete a very less amount of it through urine.

This means it is possible to be in a state of ketosis and yet, get a negative ketone result on a urine strip.

Sometimes, the opposite can happen when you overconsume the carbs. In this case, your body will try to get rid of the ketones it doesn’t need! This can lead to a positive urine ketone test even though your body is not in a state of ketosis!

That is why; I strongly believe that checking the blood ketone levels is more reliable when you want to stay into ketosis and know it for sure!

That’s it!

So, what’s the bottom line?

After using Keto Mojo kit for several months, I can say with confidence that it has helped me get better results with my keto diet.

It motivated me when I was doing the things right and warned me when I faltered with my diet.

And not to forget, this device was easy to use, more accurate, and much affordable!

Let me share with you in this Keto Mojo review that having this kit with me also provided me a peace of mind as I knew it would help me verify that the low-carb treats I was enjoying were not interfering with my diet.

I suppose this benefit is priceless!

After having yourself equipped with the facts about Keto Mojo, you can take the right decision now.

Get yourself your own Keto Mojo to support your efforts towards a healthier life by following a well-tracked and monikered keto diet.

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