Ketosports Ketocana Review: Does It Really Kickstart Ketosis?

You might end up burning huge holes in your pockets instead of burning your calories if you don’t read this Ketocana review now.

You are not new to it!

Let’s be honest and tell me!

How many times has it happened that you fell flat on your face when you purchased a product with high hopes?

Stop counting! I know it happens to all, including you and me!

Most nutritional and health supplements, even the keto powders, fall too short of the claims they make.

But, I think now is the time to learn from our mistakes and not buy any supplement, including Ketocana, unless you are sure of it!

But how do you make yourself sure of it before actually buying and using it?

Here’s the catch!

But don’t worry.

I have used it already for several months and I don’t mind sharing my experience with you!

I want to spare you from going through the entire trial and error ordeal!

So, let’s start with my complete Ketocana review with some basic information I found out about it.

What’s Ketocana?

Ketocana, spelled weirdly as KetoCaNa, is a powdered supplement from Keto Sports. I could never find out what the capitals, C and N, stand for in KetoCaNa!

‘Ca’ might be for calcium it contains; but I am not sure!

According to the manufacturer, this keto product is designed to boost your energy levels. It is primarily intended for the people who follow a ketogenic diet that needs them to avoid carbs. It works by stimulating the ketone body production.

These ketone bodies will provide a ready source of energy to your body at the time it is not used to using body fats to fulfill its fuel requirement.

But, I was not sure whether increasing ketones in your body by using any supplement can have a positive effect on the energy levels or weight loss.

I didn’t even know if there was any scientific evidence baking all the tall claims about this supplement made by keto Sports.

That’s when I decided to try this supplement myself while also doing my own research on the ingredients present in it.

My several months of usage and my research skills have helped me know the truth about Ketocana, which I am going to reveal to you in this Ketocana review.

What Does Ketocana Claim To Help You With?

Ketocana has been claimed to deliver faster weight-loss results by providing your body with a high-quality composition of ketones.

It is believed to serve as an energy drink besides being a weight-loss supplement.

The primary purpose of this powder is to provide you with an easier, quick, and wholesome way to kickstart ketosis.

Apparently, it achieves this by enhancing the number of ketones in your body.

These ketones can be used by your brain and muscles. The ketones can also come in handy when your body needs to generate energy.

When you use Ketocana as an adjuvant with your keto diet full of healthy fats, your body would be stimulated to burn fats instead of carbs thus setting the foundation for a faster weight loss.

Ketocana is also intended to boost up your muscle mass and the brain functions exponentially.

Pros Of Ketocana:
  • A higher percentage of BHB per serving
  • Keto-friendly
  • Lactose-free
  • Paleo-friendly
  • Free of animal by-products
  • Gluten-free
  • Does not contain any artificial colors, flavorings, and preservatives
  • Provides an instant source of energy
Cons of Ketocana:
  • A slightly unpleasant taste
  • Side effects like nausea, vomiting and loose motions



Who Can Use Ketocana?

Are you on a keto diet? If yes, you can use Ketocana, particularly when you are following this diet with a primary purpose of losing excess weight.

Some other reasons you may have for using Ketocana include a desire to have:

  • Proportional body composition
  • Better muscle mass
  • High energy levels
  • Better glycemic control

I must say my keto journey wouldn’t have been so bearable if not for Ketocana! I won’t say the journey was easy; but it really helped to have Ketocana provide me a persistent source of energy.

Or else, I would have gone back to eating my favorite pastries and cookies!

Here, I must admit I am not all that strong-willed, dedicated person who would go an extra mile to stay fit and healthy!

This is what I experienced after using Ketocana. Don’t you want to know what other users have to say about it?

Let’s check!


Customer Reviews,

I am not much surprised reading the Ketocana review as most of the users have had a similar experience like me. What surprised me is some users tried it as an aid when they were fasting! People who used Ketocana to support their energy levels during fasting also had great results.

Taste, I found was one aspect about Ketocana, which couldn’t win brownie points with most customers.



So, let’s continue with this Ketocana review to check if you can actually derive these benefits or you are once again going to fall flat on your face!

What Does Ketocana Contain?

Ketocana is the name given to the combination of keto-friendly ingredients this supplement contains. The natural ingredients present in it might help you enter into a state of ketosis faster.

To make sure, if it really does so, we will take a deeper look at the specific action of each ingredient on the metabolic processes of your body.

Shall we begin with its primary ingredients, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB)?

1. Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB)

Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB), also called hydroxybutyric acid, is naturally synthesized in our liver. It can provide a range of benefits and perform a unique role in various functions of the body.

For example, your liver produces BHB when you are fasting. If you know a keto diet, you will understand instantly what I mean by this.

When you fast, you deprive your body of its ready source of fuel. It’s the same thing that happens when you start a keto diet and stop eating carbs.

When this happens, BHB secreted by the liver springs into action and stimulates the fat burning processes. As a result, there is a surge of ketone bodies produced in your body that serve the purpose of supplying energy to you.

This means the addition BHB to Ketocana could actually be beneficial for you when you are trying to burn fats and lose weight while staying energetic.

Before we move on to the next ingredient in this Ketocana review, I want to tell you another benefit of BHB.

This compound is also linked to some benefits for your brain functions. It is believed to work as a memory booster, and cognitive enhancer.

It may also improve your insulin sensitivity and maintain normal blood glucose levels thus lowering your risk of diabetes.

2. Calcium

Calcium, as we all know, is an essential nutrient needed to support the health of your bones and teeth.

You know this already, I am sure!

But perhaps what you don’t know about calcium is it can also stimulate fat loss in its own unique way. It can suppress your appetite and create a sensation of satiety.

I suppose this benefit could provide you an added advantage when you are trying to control your craving for carbs while on a keto diet!

Some more benefits of calcium include:

  • Improves nerve signal transmission
  • Controls hormone release
  • Eliminates blood clots
  • Boosts physical activities, and growth

3. Citric Acid

Citric acid is a form of acid taken from citrus fruits like lemons, grapefruit, pommels, and oranges.

Do you know how does it help you with ketosis? It can prevent the excessive oxidation of fats and the protein loss.

This means you will be able to burn fats faster and even preserve your muscle mass by keeping a check on the loss of its building blocks, the proteins!

That’s not all! Citric acid is also essential for supporting the normal energy pathways thus ensuring proper regulation of the usage of energy available to your body.

4. Stevia

Stevia in Ketocana is produced chemically to provide a sugar substitute. But don’t feel alarmed at the mention of sugar!

Stevia won’t hamper your state of ketosis because it has a low-glycemic index.

In fact, it might induce a reduction in your glucose levels thus tricking your body further to produce more ketone bodies.

Using stevia is also linked to some other benefits that might interest you such as:

  • Controls blood pressure
  • Reduces calorie intake
  • Regulation of inflammatory processes
  • Prevents oxidative damage by free radicals

This list of ingredients in Ketocana, I must say, has been chosen carefully. The next facts we will learn in this Ketocana review include the benefits these ingredients can provide you to achieve your goals with the keto diet.

What Are The Benefits of Ketocana For Keto Dieters?

With Ketocana, your journey towards a lighter and leaner frame could become easier.

It works by improving your energy levels and thus, reduces fatigue through its ability to kickstart ketosis.

And when your body does enter into ketosis, you can derive the following benefits:

  • Faster fat loss
  • A higher energy expenditure
  • Rapid and sustainable weight loss
  • Better memory and cognitive functions
  • Improved body composition with less of fats and more of muscles
  • Enhanced stamina, endurance, and overall physical performance
  • Reduced risk of metabolic diseases
  • Stronger bones

Does Ketocana Cause Any Side Effects?

Actually, yes!

Ketocana may cause a few mild side effects such as:

  • Swelling of the legs
  • Increased sweating
  • Loose motions, nausea, and vomiting
  • Pain in the abdominal area

I too had to bear with some of these side effects. But, the symptoms were not as severe as to force me to give up using Ketocana or the keto diet.

I would like to assure you in this Ketocana review that these side effects are quite mild and nothing to worry about much.

In my case, they reduced in intensity and later disappeared completely over a period of time.

How Does Ketocana Taste?

Ketocana comes in only one flavor, a “natural orange.” The recommended way of consuming it is to prepare an energy drink by adding one or two tablespoonsful of this powder in a glass of water.

However, the blend of water and this powder has much in common with the taste of the commercial orange juices, but with a decidedly unpleasant and odd aftertaste.

This obviously means it tastes sweet, something that you expect from any orange-flavored drink!

Surprisingly, some users have stated that the drink or the mixture of Ketocana powder and water tasted salty. I am surprised at this because I personally didn’t find it salty at all.

In fact, many users, just like me, have found it to be on a sweeter side!


Does It Actually Work?

Didn’t I tell you at the beginning of this Ketocana review that you should never use any product before actually finding out whether it really works?

Well… Now that I have used it personally, I can say with confidence that it was worth trying out.

The carefully-crafted formula of Ketocana would help you get better results to lose weight and stay energetic.

Plus, it is free of harmful additives and preservatives that make it a safer supplement to get into ketosis.

My personal opinion, after taking into consideration the benefits, ingredients, taste, and pros and cons of Ketocana, is this supplement would help you achieve your weight loss target and support you throughout your diet by kickstarting ketosis and allowing you to feel energetic.

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