Malibu Pilates Pro Chair Reviews: Does This Machine Work As SEEN On TV?

Pilates chairs have gained high recognition in the fitness industry the past few years as it can help break fitness plateau and take Pilates to a whole new level. However, you can take advantage of the benefits that it can bring only if you choose the right Pilates chair for you (see our list of favorites here).

Many people claim that Malibu Pilates Pro Chair is the best one in the market today. But how can you be so sure?

How can you know that it can satisfy your fitness needs?

Don’t you worry!

I am here to help you out. Below are the most honest Malibu Pilates Chair reviews you can ever read!

What’s the Malibu Pilates Pro Chair?

Out of all the Pilates chairs that have entered the market, it is the Malibu Pilates Chair that is the most popular.

According to Malibu Pilates Pro Chair Reviews, this chair is sold as a kit in most online stores. Its kit comes with the specialized chair along with 5 DVD’s that contain 9 workout programs that even beginners can perform!

Who Manufactured the Malibu Pilates Pro Chair?

The Malibu Pilates Pro Chair is manufactured and marketed by Guthy Renker Incorporation. They are one of the world’s most recognized direct marketing companies that offer high-quality and well-loved products in the beauty, wellness, skincare and entertainment industries.

The chair was designed by Carol Kneiff, a certified Pilates trainer. According to her, this chair was created to assist the user in performing circuit-style Pilates workouts which can strengthen and build the core, leg, and arm muscles.

What are The Features and Benefits of Malibu Pilates Pro Chair?

So what makes the Malibu Pilates Chair a good investment? According to most Malibu Pilates Chair reviews, this Pilates chair stands out from the rest because of its excellent features and benefits.

These are as follows:

1. Two Sets of Adjustable Resistance Springs

The resistance springs that come with the chair are available in two types—standard and heavy duty. The availability of these resistance springs makes the use of the chair quite versatile.

If you are just starting out, you can use the standard resistance springs. But if you are already familiar with Pilates and wish to take your calorie burn to a whole new level, the heavy-duty resistance springs is your best option.

2. Custom Split- Step Pedal System

This simple technology gives the user an option to work out his arms and legs separately or together.

3. Sculpting Handles

This feature provides additional support to ensure the stability and safety of the user during the workout.

4. Adjustable Padded Foot Pedals

The adjustable foot pedals permit the chair to accommodate users of various heights. Padding is incorporated to make sure that the user will feel as comfortable as possible while working out.

5. Locking Pin

The pedals in the chair have a locking pin to render it immobile when not in use.

6. Padded Grips and Arm Handles

Not all of us have a secure grip. For those who feel that their grip is not strong enough, you will be happy to know that the arm attachment of the chair has padded grips and handles.

This simple feature can make your workout experience as comfortable and convenient as possible.

7.  Compact and Foldable Design

If your living space is quite small, the compact design of Malibu Pilates Chair will allow you to perform a wide array of calorie-burning exercises without taking up too much space.

When not in use, you can simply fold the chair and stow it away, so you do not have to worry about it adding clutter to your small home.

Pros Of the Malibu Pilates Chair:
  • The chair comes with 7 workout DVD’s that contain 9 workout programs.
  • The chair is compact and will not occupy much space inside the house.
  • Most workouts found in the DVD’s are low-impact, so they are suitable for people with sensitive joints.
  • The drills in the DVD’s cover leg, arm, core strengthening and flexibility exercises.
  • If you are a busy person, you will be happy to know that the DVD contains exercises that you can perform in just 10 minutes.
  • The chair is made up of high quality and sturdy material that is comparable to that of the professional-level machines that you can find in gyms.
  • The workouts that you can perform using the Malibu Pilates Chair are high intensity and can give you maximum calorie burn.
Cons of the Malibu Pilates Chair:
  • The chair has a weight limit of 300 lbs, so it is not suitable for people weighing more than the stated weight limit.
  • As per the Malibu Pilates Chair reviews, the chair is more expensive than the standard Pilates chairs in the market.
  • The weight of the resistance springs in this Pilates chair is a lot lighter as compared to the weight of resistance springs found in the professional-level Pilates chairs.

Denise B. says,

“A machine I actually use. Haven’t exercised for a long time so it was hard to do at first, just started slow & worked my way up to about 45 min. There are 4 spring levels. 1 by 2 spring tension levels and then using the peddles separately or together. It has really improved my balance also.”

Shelia says,

“Excellent. I had the first one they produced, and this one is even better I would rate it up there with the best, and it doesn’t take up much space.”

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Customers Review On Malibu Pilates Pro Chair:

There are only a few customer reviews about this Pilates chair online. You may be asking yourself—does it work as advertised? Well, the best way to know that is to find out what users have been saying about this product.

To help you in doing your research, I compiled the most reliable and detailed ones below:

One customer suffering from multiple back injuries and chronic pain claims that the chair allows him to do beneficial stretching exercises that help improve his condition. Another reviewer commented on how well built and sturdy the chair is. A satisfied client loved how detailed the instructional DVD is. She finds it easy to follow the exercise instructions just by listening to the fitness coach. On the other hand, one customer claims that the handles do not match the holes in the chair, so it is impossible for her to snap the attachments on. Other customers complain that they have received packages with missing or broken parts.

Who Should Use the Malibu Pilates Pro Chair?

Is the Malibu Pilates Chair for you? According to our research, the people who would benefit the most from using this type of Pilates chair are:

  • People who weigh 300 pounds and less.
  • People who wish to work out their legs, arms and core.
  • People who want to burn calories and lose weight.
  • People who wish to perform a high-intensity circuit-style Pilates workout.
  • People who want to do a Pilates workout in a limited space.
  • Since the exercises that you can do with this chair is low impact, it is also perfect for people with sensitive joints.

Comparing Malibu Pilates Pro Chair Vs. Pilates Pro Chair

One product that has almost a similar design with the Malibu Pilates Chair is the Pilates Pro Chair. Maybe you are considering this brand. But which would be best for you? To know that, let us take a look at the difference in their features and design.

Both chairs have similar selling points—split-step pedal system, adjustable resistance system, and a compact design. They are also both made with a sturdy steel frame material and can accommodate people who weigh up to 300 lbs.

But when it comes to target muscles, Malibu Pilates Chair has the edge over the Pilates Pro Chair because it also targets the arm muscles while the latter focuses only on the lower body parts (since it does not come with sculpting handles).

In addition to that, the purchase of the Pilates Pro Chair comes with only 4 workout DVD’s while the Malibu chair is packaged with 5 instructional workout DVD’s.

With this information at hand, I can say that Malibu Pilates chair is a better option when it comes to performing full-body workouts with high calorie burn.

Product NameMalibu Pilates Pro ChairPilates Pro Chair
Weight Limit
  • 300 pounds
  • 300 pounds
  • Split-pedal System,
  • Adjustable Resistance System,
  • Compact and Foldable Design,
  • Sculpting Handles
  • Split-pedal System,
  • Adjustable Resistance System,
  • Compact and Foldable Design
# of Workout DVD’s
  • 4
  • 5
Target Muscles
  • Legs and Arms
  • Legs Only

Malibu Pilates Pro Chair FAQ’s And Tips

If you are considering buying the Malibu Pilates Chair, but you still want to get more information, here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about it:

1. How much is this Pilates chair?

The price of the Malibu Pilates Chair ranges from $400 to $420.

2. What is included in the Malibu Pilates Chair package?

The package comes with the chair, 2 sculpting handles, 5 workout DVD’s, 2 sets of resistance springs, Sculpting Handles Assembly and Care Guide and Chair Assembly and Care Guide.

3. What can you find in the workout DVD’s?

The DVD’s contain the following workouts:

  • 45-minute Total Dream Body Sculpting Workout
  • 30-minute Dynamic Sequencing Workout by Hollywood Pilates instructor Mari Winsor.
  • Thigh, Buns and Core Makeover Workout using the Sculpting Handles
  • 20-minute Cardio Fat Blaster Workout
  • 10-Minute Abs, Buns and Thighs Workout

4. Where can you buy the Malibu Pilates Pro Chair?

The product or company does not have their own website. However, you can buy the chair from online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

5. What are the dimensions of the chair?

The chair is 115 inches high, 75 inches wide, and 160 inches long.

6. How much does it weigh?

The Pilates chair weighs around 35 pounds and is considered by many users to be light enough to be carried and transferred around the house.

7. Does it come with a warranty?

The availability and terms of the warranty may vary depending on the seller. It would be best if you would ask the seller about this.

SO, Is the Malibu Pilates Pro Machine The Best Chair For You?

There is no denying the fact that doing Pilates can aid in improving our body’s flexibility and strength. With the help of a Pilates chair, you can also turn this strengthening and conditioning workout to a cardio exercise that can burn excess fats.

Is the Malibu Pilates Chair the best chair for you? What is the real deal with it? One common issue that you would hear is that this chair is a bit expensive.

But based on Malibu Pilates Chair reviews that I found online, its excellent features make the product worth the purchase. As compared to its counterpart (like the Pilates pro Chair), the Malibu Pilates Chair offers more versatile workouts due to its sculpting handles and workout DVD’s.

If you wish to know more about this product, please check out this link.

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