Nike JDI 3mm Yoga Mat Honest Review In 2017

I like all other yoga and exercise enthusiast need a good quality yoga mat to do our exercises on.


Recently I needed to replace my well used and worn out mat so as always, I did my research on the many mats on the market before I settled on Nike JDI 3mm Yoga Mat.


Here is why I chose this particular yoga mat.

What makes Nike Yoga Mat a good choice?

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Nike made this yoga mat with the needs of users in mind.


The JDI 3mm Yoga Mat is made from 95% Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene, 5% PolyesterDimensions, two durable foams to provide added traction.


This means better safety for you.


  • Size is 61cm x 173cm
  • Easy transportation with a carrying string
  • “Just do it” logo from Nike is embossed down the center of the mat.
  • A little slippery during the first two or three uses when you sweat
  • If you have knee issues, it may not be thick enough for exercises or poses that require you to be on your knees.
  • If you have lower back issues this mat may or may not provide enough thickness depending on what type of floor you have; obviously, a carpeted floor will be more padded than a hardwood floor.

Who is this mat best for?

  • Yoga enthusiast and other forms of exercise in which you need to be on the floor will benefit from this yoga mat by Nike.

The best features

  • The 3mm concentration provides adequate padding for most people.
  • However, should you have certain issues with knees or back then it may not be thick enough, depending on the type of floor it is being used on.


  • Carry string makes for easy transportation to and from a gym or from the closest to your workout area in your home.
  • The Nike Yoga Mat is easily stored when not in use, so you do not have to worry about tripping over it or taking up space.

Tips and FAQs

  • First, when you go to purchase a yoga mat understand that the type of flooring you will use it on will determine what thickness you will need.


  • Second, cost, the Nike JDI 3mm Yoga Mat can be purchased for about $40.00 on Amazon. There may be cheaper mats available but always compare the type of materials from they produce them from and thickness before making a decision based on price.


  • Third, always check on warranty or guarantee of your money back if you are not satisfied. This way you have some protection.


  • If you pay attention to the things that matter to you; budget, thickness, material, warranty, ease of clean, etc. you will be able to find the one that best fits you and your needs.

Customer Reviews


Sally says,

“after the 2nd or 3rd use the slipperiness was gone when sweating while working out. She rates it 4 out of 5″

Alternative mats


We have chosen some alternative mats for you based on thickness, budget, and warranty or guarantee.





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Easy clean:








1. Health Yoga Mat 4.2mm thick

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This mat offers the following;

  • 4.2 mm thick size is 72 inches by 26 inches
  • Lines from laser print, not ink for alignment to aid you with your yoga poses
  • Eco-friendly of rubber tree with NO PVC
  • Nontoxic
  • Warranty of 1 year and 100% money back guarantee
  • Easy to clean
  • I truly found no cons to this mat.

What purchasers have to say


Abby writes,

“I avidly practice yoga for 90 minutes a day; this mat is just thick enough to give great cushion on hard floors without being squishy when I am doing standing poses. I have experienced no slipping or sliding with this mat which is important for many yoga poses. It is extremely easy to clean and I love that it is eco-friendly with a good warranty.”


Libby Writes,

“I have been doing yoga for about 9 years now, I have spent more on mats than this one cost; however this one is perfect! It provides plenty of cushion for knees and joints while not being unbalanced during standing poses. I have not had any issue of sweat pooling and making me slip with this mat. I highly recommend this mat to all who practice yoga daily.”


2. Manduka EKO Lite Yoga and Pilates Mat, 4mm

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Made of biodegradable natural tree rubber, provides a great grip even in sweaty conditions.

  • Eco-friendly all natural rubber
  • Good grip
  • 99% latex free
  • 4 mm thick
  • No warranty information
  • Only 99% latex free so while most people with latex allergies would be able to use this not ALL would.

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What do buyers have to say about this mat?


Karen writes,

“This mat is perfect for hard floors just enough cushion without being squishy. I like that it is budget friendly, eco-friendly, and after using it I can say it honestly has a great grip even during sweaty hot yoga sessions.”


Mary says,

“I was skeptical when I made this purchase but figured for the cost I wouldn’t be out all that much if it didn’t hold up to the hype. I found the grip is fantastic, the thickness perfect, and I like that it is also eco-friendly. Having used this mat for 2 months now I would highly recommend anyone purchasing this mat for yoga sessions.”

Final verdict 


After comparing these yoga mats, considering the floor type I will be using it on, the price, and the features I found the Nike to be the best one for me with the knee and back issues that I have.


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