Pilates Pro Chair Max with Sculpting Handles Review: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Thanks to the invention of the Pilates chair, performing Pilates at home is now made possible. One of the best Pilates chairs in the market that you can find today is the Pilates Pro Chair Max with Sculpting Handles.

But is it the right Pilates chair for you? Would you benefit from its use?

That is what we are going to figure out through this article.

What are you waiting for? Let us get started!

What’s the Pilates Pro Chair Max?

The Pilates Pro Chair Max with Sculpting Handles is designed to take your Pilates home sessions to a whole new level. This is more than a Pilates chair as it comes with sculpting handles which allow the user to enjoy a total body workout.

Who Created the Pilates Pro Chair?

The Pilates Pro Chair Max with Sculpting Handles is created by Life’s a Beach, the co-inventor of the Malibu Pilates Chair. The company is owned and managed by David Krieff, which is known for his ability to produce and market different types of products,

The Pilates Pro Chair is Krieff’s very own product and is now considered to be the the #1 chair for weight loss. Following their trademark marketing strategy, the company sells the chair through retail stores and QVC. According to the company, they have already sold over 1 million chairs worldwide.

The Features that Make It Unique

Based on the Pilates Pro Chair Max with Sculpting Handles reviews that we have found online, you can enjoy the following unique features and benefits when you purchase and use this chair:

1. Sculpting Handle

There are plenty of Pilates chairs in the market, but only a few chairs have the feature that allows the user to workout his upper body.

The Pilates Pro Max chair has pilates pro chair sculpting handles to ensure that the user can enjoy a total body workout. The handles for the pilates unlock a wide range of exercises that are designed for developing strength and toning the upper body muscles.

2. Split Step Pedal System

Another great thing about using this chair is the split-step pedal system which also allows you to strengthen and develop your lower body muscles.

With this innovative system, you can work out your upper and lower body individually or together.

3. Workout DVD’s

The highlight of buying and using this chair is that it comes with six workout DVDs that contain different workouts especially designed by the fitness expert Susan Lucci.

The DVDs by Life’s a Beach features step by step instructional videos that teach the users how to make the most out of the exercise chair.

The content of the six DVDs are as follows:

  • Total Body Workout
  • Core, Buns, & Thighs Makeover Workout
  • Total Dream Body Workout
  • Pilates Basics
  • Sculpt & Tone
  • Susan Lucci’s Favorite Moves
  • Spring System

Just like most fitness equipment in the market, this simple chair contains a spring system which offers different levels of resistance to facilitate the development of muscles and to provide variety to different workouts.

The Good:
  • Compact size
  • Sturdy steel frame construction
  • Six stylish colors
  • Detailed instructional DVDs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable tension springs for a more effective workout
The Bad:
  • Instructional material is suitable only for beginners
  • Not ideal for people on the heavy side
  • Adjusting the tension springs takes time

Pilates Pro Chair by Life’s a Beach Reviews:

If you are still pondering whether you should buy the chair or not, one thing you can do that can help you make the right decision is to check out the reviews posted by people who have already purchased and used their chairs.

To help you out, I compiled a few Pilates Pro Chair Max with Sculpting Handles Reviews below:

One customer claim that the chair is well-built and she appreciates the stylish color options available. Moreover, she commends Susan Lucci for delivering detailed instructions in the workout DVDs.

Another one claims that it is her best investment ever.

One user finds the chair to be convenient to operate, and she loves the workouts that come with it. Additionally, she loves how the chair gives him an opportunity to perform a total body workout without consuming too much space.

On the other hand, a user struggles with adjusting the tension of the springs as it takes too much time.

There are also some users who claim that the chair can only accommodate less than its stated maximum weight capacity.

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Comparing Pilates Pro Chair vs. Malibu Pilates Chair:

As mentioned, Life’s a Beach is the co-inventor of the Malibu Pilates Chair. Because of this, the Pilates Pro Chair has always been compared with the Malibu Pilates Chair. In this section, we break down the differences between the two:

Product NamePilates Pro Chair MaxMalibu Pilates Chair
Dimensions32.5” x 27.9” x 7.7”36” x 36” x 48”
Available ColorsBlack, Purple, Blue, Green, Magenta, and RedBlack
Workout DVDs67
Sculpting HandlesYesYes
Split-Step Pedal SystemYesYes
Spring SystemYesYes
Price Check Current Price  Check Current Price

If you have noticed, the two chairs offer almost the same features. The only difference is that the Pilates Pro Chair is more compact, versatile when it comes to colors and above all, affordable.

FAQ’s and Tips

1. How much does the Pilates Pro Chair Max cost?

The chair is sold at a price range of $299 to $350 in various online selling sites, QVC, and department stores.

2. What is included in the package?

One package includes one Pilates chair, sculpting handles, six workout DVDs, an instructional poster, makeover guide, and a manual.

3. Is it protected by a warranty?

Yes, the Pilates Pro Max Chair is covered by a 6-month limited manufacturer’s warranty.

4. Who Should Use the Pilates Pro Chair Max?

You may be wondering if the Pilates Pro Chair is for you. Well, most Pilates Pro Chair Mac with Sculpting Handles reviews claim that this chair is designed for:

  • People who weigh under 300 lbs
  • People who want to try out a whole range of exercises
  • People who plan on doing a full body workout
  • People who want to tone down their arms and legs
  • People who wish to lose weight
  • People who plan on performing Pilates in a limited space
  • People who want to perform Pilates in the comforts of their own homes
  • People who wish to get better at Pilates
  • Pilates beginners
  • Pilates fanatics

To Buy or Not to Buy?

With its sculpting handles and spring system, I can say that the Pilates Pro Chair Max offers the most number of features and benefits than most Pilates chairs that we can find in the market.

It is most certainly comparable with the Malibu Pilates chair but based on reviews, and it is more compact, stylish and affordable.

If you wish to know more about another chair, please visit this link: https://www.gymgearinfo.com/best-pilates-chair-reviews/

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