Supreme Toning Tower Reviews: Does It Really Work?

Fitness chairs and towers have become popular recently as they give us an option to perform intricate workouts at home. For sure, you have heard of the Supreme Toning Tower and what it can do, but you are not sure if it does work.

Am I right?

Well, I once felt the same way about this piece of equipment too, so I dug a little deeper. If you are considering purchasing this equipment, but you do not have enough information to finalize your decision yet, you need to read this article!

What is the Supreme Toning Tower?

According to reviews, Supreme Toning Tower is an exercise equipment that can assist you in performing different types of exercise including Pilates and Barre comfort of your own home.

It is also said to be useful in doing toning exercises and upper body workout, making it a perfect addition to your home gym. Additionally, it can sculpt and strengthen your core muscles and help you achieve the perfect posture.

About Creators of Supreme Toning Tower: 

The Supreme Toning Tower is a product of Beverly Hills Fitness, a company that aims to provide people with high quality and innovative fitness equipment so they can be able to enjoy a professional studio experience in their homes.

The company keeps their Fusion-Fitness design philosophy in mind in developing all of their products—Supreme Toning Power and Supreme Pilates Pro.

What are the Amazing Features?

According to most Supreme Toning Tower reviews, this equipment offers plenty of benefits for people who wish to stay fit and healthy. This is because the tower has the following features:

1. Heavy Duty Construction

This machine packs a lot of power in its compact size. The frame is made of heavy gauge steel that is designed to last for long and accommodate a weight of up to 250 pounds.

In creating the Barre table, a luxurious yet sturdy wooden stick is attached to the steel frame.

2. Easy to Use

One great thing about this equipment is it already comes fully assembled. All you have to do is take it out of the box, and you are ready to go!

3. Pilates and Barre Made Easy

I know how intimidating Pilates and Barre can be, but the use of this toning tower makes these activities much more fun and easy.

The machine comes with a detailed manual which contains a collection of over 100 exercises that you can perform using this product. Additionally, the package comes with 2  workout DVD’s that will demonstrate the top workouts in detail.

4. High Resistance Coils

These coils are attached to the Barre table and are designed to introduce weight and resistance to the body to take the exercises to a whole new level.

For those who are looking for higher resistance, there are higher resistance coils that are sold on their site. If the packaged resistance is too high for you, you can also find lower resistance coils in their website.

5. Swing Thru Bar

This one is used to tone and slim down the muscles in the abdomen.

6. Sculpting Bar

This feature is made especially for the upper body. You can utilize this bar in various upper body workouts as you can see in the manual provided by the company.

7. Compact Size and Easy Storage

When it comes to storage and placement, there is nothing that you should worry about as the equipment comes in a small size and has a folding feature.

To know more about how this toning tower works, please check out this video.

The Good:
  •    It can be used to perform an exercise that can improve posture.
  •    The machine is highly portable as it is lightweight and can be folded.
  •    It comes with a detailed exercise manual and 2 workout DVDs.
  •    The equipment provides an alternative for people with hip injuries.
  •    No assembly needed.
The Bad:
  •    Most of the exercises require kneeling so this may not be suitable for people with knee issues.
  •    The mat is short and may not be long enough for tall people.

Supreme Toning Tower w/Pilates Barre Reviews:

There is no better way to know if the equipment is right for you than to hear out what users have to say about it. With that in mind, take a look at some of the Supreme Toning Tower reviews that I have compiled below:

One Supreme Toning Tower review states the mat is well-cushioned and highly stable.

A user suffering from hip injury claims that the equipment has helped him to finally perform exercises that can strengthen his core. He also appreciates the fact that it is easy to fold up and stow away.

One user claims that her Supreme Toning Tower is one of the best fitness purchase she has ever made as it is extremely easy to use. She also likes the fact that it came with 2 DVD workouts that are suitable for level 1 users like her.

On the other hand, people with long legs complain that the mat is too shirt for them.

Additionally, some users claim that the workout programs in the DVD’s get a bit boring over time. According to them, the use of the equipment would have been better if there are other workout routines provided.

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Comparing Supreme Toning Tower Vs. Supreme Pilates Pro

The most popular counterpart of the Supreme Toning Tower is the Supreme Pilates Pro, both of which are made by Beverly Fitness. To help you choose which equipment is the best for you, please check this comparison table:

Product NameSupreme Toning TowerSupreme Pilates Pro
Maximum Weight Capacity250 pounds300 pounds
Height RecommendationBelow 6 feetMore than 6 feet
Difference in Inclusions1 resistance coil set,

2 DVD’s

2 resistance coil sets,

5 DVD’s

Price Check Current Price Check Current Price

In summary, the Supreme Toning Tower is much more compact and lighter than the Supreme Pilates Pro. On the other hand, the Supreme Pilates Pro is more heavy duty and can accommodate a higher weight capacity, but it is more expensive.

If you are on the heavier and taller side and you have money to splurge, the Supreme Pilates Pro is best for you. But if your weight and height suit the capacity of the Supreme Toning Tower, you can save more money by buying this equipment.

FAQ’s and More Tips

Here are some of the information that you need to know about this product:

1. How much does it cost?

The price of the Supreme Toning Tower ranges from $200 to $300.

2. What is included in the package?

When you buy this equipment, you will get a Supreme Toning Tower, 2 workout DVD’s, 2 free-flowing high resistance coils, a sculpting bar, a pair of hand straps, a pair of foot straps, a high-grade steel frame, and a sweat-resistant Yoga mat.

3. Does it come with a guarantee?

The purchase of this equipment is covered by a 30- day money back guarantee and a standard limited warranty (1 year).

4. Is the Supreme Toning Tower for you?

According to reviews, the fitness equipment is suitable for:

  •    People who are not taller than 6 feet
  •    People who weigh 250 pounds and less
  •    People who wish to perform barre exercises, toning, and Pilates workout in their homes
  •    Busy people who no longer have the time to attend their Ballet Barre or Pilates classes
  •    People who are in need of assistance in achieving Barre and Pilates poses
  •    People who wish to strengthen their core and upper body muscles
  •    People who want to improve their posture
  •    People who want to enhance their skeletal and muscular health

So, Should You Buy Supreme Toning Tower?

I used to think that you can only find Barre and Pilates equipment in the gym but thanks to the popularity of these sculpting and toning chairs, we can now able to perform these exercises at home.

Considering the Supreme Toning Tower reviews and the critical features that this product offers, I can say that this product is worth considering. It delivers essential functions of sculpting and toning equipment in a compact size and an affordable price.

To know more about this item, please check it here.

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