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The Many Benefits of the Wheel Pose in Yoga

The wheel pose also goes by the name of ‘Chakrasana’, which is derived from the combination of two Sanskrit words, ‘chakra’ meaning wheel and ‘asana’ denoting posture. This pose is also referred to as ‘Urdhva Dhanurasana’ or upward facing bow, and in yoga, parlance is categorized as an intermediate level back-bend. During the wheel pose, the […]

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Yoga For Beginners over 40: Tips, Poses and Benefits

Getting Stressed About Starting Yoga After The Age Of 40? Don’t Be. Yoga is more than just a fitness routine that involves cardiovascular or repetitive exercises, where age and physical fitness determines your workout regimen. It is a practice that naturally moves the focus of your body to self-awareness, inner healing, and better health. A […]

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