Best Low-Carb Protein Powder For Keto Meal Replacement Shakes?

Do you have an idea about what makes a low-carb protein powder better than others?

If not, then you might have to take a step back without getting ahead with your plans to follow the keto diet.

Being aware of which is the best low-carb protein powder could have made your efforts to attain your desired weight loss target much easier!

But alas! You don’t know much about it…

Hey… don’t feel so disheartened! We can help you get closer to your target!

Yes, we do know what makes a low-carb protein powder better than others and based on

these parameters we have already assessed several keto proteins powders available in the market.

So, now, if you really want to get into ketosis faster and lose lots of weight, read on to learn more about the top 3 keto protein powders you can consume.

We will also disclose the parameters based on which these products have been evaluated in order to assess their efficacy.


Let us first have a short summary of the top 3 keto protein powders to get into ketosis faster:

Product NameBPI Sports ISO-HDIsopure Zero CarbOptimum Nutrition Platinum HydroWhey
BCCA CountHighLowHigh
Taste Available in 3 flavorsAvailable in different flavorsAvailable in 7 flavors
FeatureWhey isolate protein powderZero-carb, Low CholesterolAdvanced whey proteins, Rapidly-digesting formula
PriceAvailable HereAvailable Here Available Here 

Let us continue with the reviews of the best keto protein powders on the market that provide a moderate amount of proteins with a low amount of carbohydrates.


What are The Best Ketogenic Protein Powders On The Market That is Low-Carb  Friendly?

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We have tried and evaluated different keto protein powders to check the efficacy of each. We have found three best Keto Protein Powders, which scored over others in various parameters such as quality, results, BCCA count, safety, taste, etc. Let’s begin with the Best Keto Protein Powders Review to help you find the product that suits your requirement.

#1. BPI Sports ISO-HD

We are particularly impressed with the benefits achieved through the use of BPI Sports ISO-HDISO HD. It is a whey isolate protein powder containing whey protein in its purest form. (2)

It is easily digestible and can be absorbed in your body rapidly. This makes it an ideal choice for you if you have a poor digestion.

Since BPI Sports ISO-HD can be digested and absorbed into your body faster, it would provide a quick source of fuel for your body and even muscles after strenuous workouts.

Hence, if you are planning to couple your keto diet with regular exercises to lose weight faster, you may try BPI Sports ISO-HD to stimulate ketosis while keeping up your energy levels without feeling fatigued.

What made BPI Sports ISO-HD more interesting for us is it offers the purest, yet a low-calorie source of proteins that delivers 25 grams per serving of whey hydrolysate and isolate.

We learned that whey hydrolysate would allow the proteins to break down to form amino acids, which would be later promptly absorbed, thereby optimizing the nutrients delivered to your muscles.

This product also has a high BCCA or Branched Chain Amino Acids count, which indicates its ability to help you lose weight, reduce fatigue, prevent muscle soreness, accelerate recovery, and improve the fat burning processes.

What’s more?

This formula is unique not only for its high nutritional value, but also taste!

BPI Sports ISO-HD is available in 3 flavors – chocolates, vanilla, and banana. So, you can choose the one that pleases your taste buds while enjoying the multiple benefits of the ketogenic diet.

BPI Sports ISO-HD is neatly packaged and reasonably priced making it a great option for the budget-conscious keto-dieters.


The Good:
  • Promotes lean muscle growth
  • Speeds up the recovery of muscles
  • Rapidly digested and absorbed
  • Improved strength, stamina and endurance during workouts
  • Builds muscles quickly
  • Stimulates ketosis faster
  • Ideal for men as well as women
The Bad:
  • You cannot consider BPI Sports ISO-HD as a replacement for your meals more than once a day because it may not provide enough calories to replace a wholesome meal.

Customer Reviews,

The customer reviews about BPI Sports ISO-HD have been encouraging. Most consumers have derived satisfactory results from using this keto powder.

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#2. Isopure Zero Carb

What grabbed our attention instantly was the name of the product itself that says, Isopure “Zero Carb”. (3)

Since we are evaluating the products for inducing ketosis, having a supplement that’s moderate or high in proteins without any carbs would definitely be an advantage.

We were not disappointed with the results of this product. Staying true to its name, it is a healthy product that would help you lose weight by stimulating ketosis with its high-protein content without any carbs.

What more appealing is Isopure Zero Carb provides 50 grams of proteins in each serving, which is twice the standard recommended amount.

This supplement also contains just 10 mg of cholesterol, which we have found out to be one of the lowest.

On the flip side, though Isopure Zero Carb contains an amino acid blend, it is not a very strong one.

The BCAA count is on a lower side. Also, each serving contains almost 210 calories, which, when compared to other similar products we reviewed, is pretty high.

So, it might reduce the effectiveness of the high-protein content and may slow down the weight loss effect of your keto diet.

The product reached us in a well-packaged condition. The price range is slightly higher. It is available in several different flavors making it easier to choose the one you prefer.

The Good:
  • High amount of proteins per serving
  • Low cholesterol
  • Zero carbs and fats
  • Tastes good
The Bad:
  • Contains a high amount of sodium
  • BCAA count is low

Customer Reviews,

The customer reviews of Isopure Zero Carb have been varied from extremely good to not so effective. We would suggest you to try it once. Perhaps, you would be able to derive better results by combining this product with the intake of extremely low-calorie foods.

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#3. Optimum Nutrition Platinum HydroWhey

Optimum Nutrition Platinum HydroWhey could be the right ketosis protein powder for you if you are particularly looking for the most advanced whey proteins.

The whey protein in Optimum Nutrition Platinum HydroWhey is hydrolyzed and isolated to break down the larger proteins into smaller chains of amino acids so that they can get into your blood rapidly.

We found out that the higher effectiveness of Optimum Nutrition Platinum HydroWhey was possibly due to its rapidly-digesting protein formula that has a higher amount of micronized BCCAs. (4)

Well, we must admit that the price of this product seems to be on a higher side compared to other keto protein powders.


The Good:
  • Provides a high amount of proteins
  • High BCCA count
  • Each serving contains just 5 mg of cholesterol
  • Contains digestive enzymes for improved utilization and effectiveness
  • Mixed easily with most beverages
The Bad:
  • Slightly overpriced

Customer Reviews,

Most customers are happy with the weight loss they could achieve with Optimum Nutrition Platinum HydroWhey.

However, some of them have raised concerns over the high price of this product that may not be justifiable by the results they could achieve.

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To help you take the decision about choosing the best keto protein powder easily, we have shared with you some facts below. Read on to find the amount of proteins your body needs to get into ketosis faster with minimal discomfort or side effects.


How Much Protein Do You Need On A Keto Diet?

It is frequently noted that a very low carb diet can set the stage for the rapid loss of muscle mass as your body may utilize the amino acids from the muscle proteins to maintain the blood glucose levels.

This can increase your risk of protein deficiency if you do not include a high amount of proteins in your diet. (4)

On the other hand, eating a very high amount of proteins is also not advisable as your body may switch to use proteins for its fuel requirement in the absence of carb.

This can spoil the very purpose of a keto diet, which is to force your body to use fats instead of carbs for its energy requirement.

Hence, your protein intake must be optimum; not too high and not too low.

The protein requirement of a human body varies among different individuals. It might take you some time to realize how much protein on a keto diet do you need depending on your physical activities, your exercise routine, and age.

To begin with, you can consume about 0.7-0.9 grams of proteins per pound of your bodyweight or about 1.5-2.0 grams of proteins per kg of your bodyweight.

You can increase or decrease your protein intake depending on the results you achieve.

Now let us have a look at where you can find the best keto protein powders to induce ketosis faster.


Where Can I Buy Keto Friendly Protein Powders? offers a wide range of Keto Friendly Protein Powders including those we discussed above. You can buy the best keto powders depending on your requirement and start using it to lose weight and enjoy the other benefits of a keto diet.


What’s The Best Tasting Low-Carb Protein Powder For Keto Meal Replacement Shakes?

The BCCA score is the major determinant for the efficacy of a protein powder, especially when you want to combine your keto diet with strenuous workouts.

In this regard, we found BPI Sports ISO-HD to be the best one. We could derive great results with this powder in terms of weight loss and energy levels.

Compared to other products, we also found BPI Sports ISO-HD to be superior in terms of quality, price, and taste.

It is particularly recommended as your aid for getting into ketosis faster as it provides just the right amount of proteins that a human body needs.

Additionally, the low-carb content of this powder would be an added benefit to reduce your calorie intake.

In our opinion, BPI Sports ISO-HD would be the best Low Carb Protein Powder to begin your keto diet and stay in ketosis for longer.

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