Best Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga | The Ultimate Buying Guide

Soaking in sweat from a hot yoga studio set with 40 percent humidity and 40 degrees Celsius isn’t really good to maintain your stability.


Using unsupportive, slippery yoga mat may leave you failing your poses, which may undermine your practice.


Apart from that, the risk of slipping, hurting and even crashing to next person next you can be a serious concern.


While yoga towels can help, it is the best yoga mat for hot yoga that can hold you in a steamy class.


By using the right kind of mat, sweat won’t detract your performance and you’ll be able to smoothly say your ‘om’ on your next hot yoga class.

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The Best Hot Yoga Mats in 2018


Best Yoga Mat for Hot YogaJade Harmony Yoga MatManduka ProLite Yoga MatGaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat


Aurorae Synergy Yoga MatCombo Yoga Mat by Yoga Design Lab
MaterialOpen-cell, natural rubberPVCPVCMicrofiber towelNatural rubber
FeaturesSlip-resistance, washableSlip-resistance, High-density closed cell foamWith topcoat to wick away moisture;Machine-washable, lightweight; with microfiber towel on topMade from natural material, with towel to wick away moisture
ProsMade from natural material, offers optimal cushion, resiliency and gripEasy to clean and air-dries fast; Offers optimal comfort with the extra paddingGood grip; optimal cushioning; Very absorbent, no slipping even with lots of sweatComes in different colors; good grip even when wet; lightweight; durableComes in different prints, Slip- resistant, 2-in-1 design to improve grip and sweat absorption
ConsRubbery smell on initial usage; May loose some grip due to open cell rubber textureThe mat may become slippery; Mat is heavy, which may not be ideal if you’re on the go.Scuffs easily; quite hot to useCleaning may require more effortNot recommended for ‘not-so’ hot yoga


Sweaty Review: Best Hot Yoga Mats in 2018 Tested Just For You. Non-Slip, Easy To Clean


1.      Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

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Jade Harmony Yoga Mat’s open cell structure makes it springier and stretchier compared to mats with closed-cell structure.


If you don’t understand the difference between open-cell and close-cell, the bottom part of open-cell mats are more permeable, meaning they do a good job in absorbing sweat and sweat.


The downside is that since they are more permeable, they also absorb more bacteria, which makes them more difficult to clean.


The Good:
  • Comes in 68 inches and 74 inches, which are ideal for taller users


  • Durable


  • Offers optimal grip
The Bad:
  • Rubbery smell during initial use


  • Hard to clean


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2.      Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat

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Dimensions of Manduka ProLite feel just right, and its fabric-like texture is worthy. However, the ProLite does not hold much sweat and moisture, which becomes slippery when there’s too much sweat.


Since it has closed-cell construction, it is excellent in preventing moisture and even bacteria.


Over time, the texture of this mat improve. The mat is really easy to clean and dries out in minutes.

The Good:
  • Low maintenance


  • Soft, comfortable fabric


  • Durable
The Bad:
  • The mat may feel slightly slippery after getting soaked with sweat


  • Quite heavy


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3.    Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat

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This hot yoga mat is almost slip-free, however, we discovered that the part where there’s a printed design is a bit slippery, particularly when you sweat a lot.


But aside from that, the mat delivers its purpose. We also commend that it’s a thick mat and feels highly comfortable. The surface is excellent in absorbing sweat and it’s easy to clean.

The Good:
  • Thick and comfortable


  • Simple, attractive design


  • Highly absorbent
The Bad:
  • Part of the mat is slippery


  • Scuffs easily


4.      Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat

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This yoga mat combines a mat and a microfiber towel, which is good for those who don’t want to bring both a mat and towel.


Unlike other combo mats, this one is lightweight and perfect for hot yoga class. The good thing about this may is that the wetter it gets, the better grip you’ll get.


Truly recommended for Bikram.

The Good:
  • Excellent grip when wet


  • Lightweight


  • Stitched border
The Bad:
  • No attractive prints or designs


  • Cleaning requires some effort


5.      Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat

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This mat comes in a variety of attractive, geometric patterns that can be match any yogi’s personality.


Like the Aurorae Synergy Mat, this hot yoga mat also combines mat and towel to improve grip while excellently absorbing sweat. It is a rubber mat and a yoga towel in one.


We like that is it lightweight and highly durable.

The Good:
  • Comes in bright, bold, attractive pattern designs


  • Remains grippy even when wet
The Bad:
  • Not advised to use in non-hot yoga class


Benefits of Using the Best Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga


Unlike the traditional yoga, the hot yoga (also known as Bikram yoga), is performed in a heated room.


Having said this, it is highly important to ensure you are using the right yoga mat designed purposely for this type of setting.


Apart from its main purpose, the following are the benefits you can expect from using the best yoga mat for hot yoga:


  • Non-Slip Surface. Hot yoga mats are made to make sure you’ll not slip the moment they are soaked in sweat. Some brands are made of 100 percent cotton.


  • Extra Support. Yogis engaging in hot yoga expect that they’ll be heavily sweating. Hence, it isn’t advised to even share mats with others. Right now, there are plenty of yoga mats available on the market and they are labelled as suited for Bikram yoga.


  • Highly Absorbent. Hot yoga mats are made to have an absorbent top layer. This feature is so important for this type of yoga practice.


  • Better Traction. Hot yoga mats are made to provide better traction. This feature is also very important because practicing yoga in a heated room can make you sweat a lot and in so, lose some traction when your mat becomes slippery.


What to Look When Choosing the Best Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga


When selecting the best yoga mat for hot yoga, there are some factors to consider during the selection process.


We tested some of the most popular and highly-rated hot yoga mats on the market to determine which one is the best. Here are the qualities we looked for:


  • Material. Most yogis are very particular in terms of the type of material their mat is made of. However, in hot yoga, there’s only two types of material that will suffice. The first one is the mat made from PVC as it provides better traction against the floor. Unfortunately, when the material is soaked with sweat, it may become slippery so you may have to invest in a quality yoga towel to wipe it up. The second one is bamboo mat. It absorbs sweat better and it has natural fibers that won’t become slippery. The downside with bamboo mat is that it does not provide superior traction than PVC.


  • Thickness. Conventional yoga mat is quite thin, but you may need something a bit thicker when doing hot yoga. Some poses like Toe Stand Pose and Awkward Pose, are quite intense on the joints. The increased temperature inside the studio may help loosen up your muscles but you might need extra padding to protect your joints. Sometimes, it is best to buy two types of mat – a thin and a thick one, and alternate them depending on the pose of the type of class you are attending.


  • Texture. You will want a mat with an adequate bumpy texture for the best grip, particularly if the yoga mat will be wet while practicing. A lined or bumpy mat is good, but you can choose a sticky mat for hot yoga. Sticky mat features a thin, adhesive coating, allowing you to balance yourself even in a hot condition.


  • Other Special Features. A reversible mat features double texture on both sides. In this way, you can flip the mat if it begins to be too wet of sweat. Another thing to look for is a fully washable mat – one that you can just spray down or toss in the wash after class.


Practicing yoga routines can be more meaningful if you’re comfortable doing it. Hot yoga mats come in different styles, patterns and colors.


Choose which one suits you best. Nonetheless, using a hot yoga mat for Bikram that can make you feel comfortable is definitely a good choice.



Based on our testing, the best yoga mat for hot yoga is the Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat. This is the perfect yoga mat to use when you are inside a heated studio and sweating a lot.


You don’t have to worry not getting an excellent grip because the grip gets better when it’s wet. In addition, it absorbs and wicks away moisture excellently with its microfiber towel.


So far, it satisfies all the qualities we looked for – material, thickness, texture and other significant features for better traction, absorbency and support.

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