Dharma Yoga Wheel Review: Find inner peace

With an increase in the popularity of yoga across the globe, there has also been an increase in the popularity of accessories such as the yoga wheel.

The wheel is a portable and easy to use piece of equipment great for increasing flexibility and generally upping your yoga sessions.

It can be difficult knowing which yoga wheel to choose, however, and which is best for your dharma wheel yoga exercises, but fear not we’ve done the hard work for you.

We’ve researched the very best wheels out there to improve your sun salutation or take your pigeon pose to the next level so read on and find exactly what you need to take into consideration when choosing the Dharma Yoga wheel for you.

2019’s Reviews of The Best Dharma Yoga Wheel

Dharma WheelSizeMoney Back Guarantee?Avg. Amazon RatingPrice
Upcircleseven12” x 5”No4.8/5$35-$39
SukhaMat12.5” x 5”Yes4.4/5$45-$49
Risefit13” x 5”Yes4.6/5$25-$29
Kurma Yoga12” x 5”Yes4.7/5$25-$30

The Risefit Dharma Yoga Wheel Review

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The Risefit Dharma Wheel can be a great option for anyone looking for a simple yoga wheel to improve their flexibility or take to a yoga class.

Fantastic price coupled with lightweight design makes this one of the best yoga wheels we’ve been able to find with an average rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon.

The dharma yoga wheel dimensions are also slightly larger than other models, meaning more stability for the beginner.

Risefit is a supplier of fitness equipment such as weights and yoga equipment.

They’ve combined high quality products with customer service and value for money to become one of the leading brands for yoga equipment around the world.

  • Lightweight design means it is easy to transport
  • Low cost means it is available to everyone from beginner to professional
  • Strongest wheel available on the market
  • Long term durability has been called into question
  • Some users complained of air bubbles in the design


The Risefit Dharma Yoga Wheel is a great choice for those looking at a low cost and lightweight wheel.

The strongest wheel available and great customer reviews make this yoga wheel one of the best available on the market for both beginners and professional yoga practitioners.

Who is the wheel for?

The fact that the Risefit Dharma Yoga Wheel is so lightweight means that this is a great choice for those who travel to yoga sessions on a regular basis and wish to increase their stretching.

Customer reviews also state that it is useful in achieving stretches for both the beginner yoga practitioner, as well as the advanced and so for an overall high-quality Dharma Yoga wheel, we find the Risefit wheel ticks a lot of boxes.

Key Features and Benefits

A major key feature of this product is the lightweight and transportable nature of the wheel as well as the strength of it.

Perfect for putting into your bag ready for yoga class and discreet enough not to be a burden when you are walking home from your session.

Risefit boasts the strongest wheel on the market, being able to support up to 1000lbs which are another huge positive in favor of this yoga wheel in comparison with other models.

Reviews state how easy the wheel is to use, and how well the wheel if yoga is being done for rehabilitative purposes.

The lower end of the price range means that this wheel is accessible to everyone and won’t break the bank if you are just starting yoga and are not yet ready to invest in a more expensive wheel.

The cost, coupled with ease of transportation, weight, and strength is what really sets this yoga wheel apart from the competition with us as well as the customer reviews.

Customer Reviews

Maria said,

“On the whole, very good for the Risefit Dharma Yoga Wheel.”

Ana said, 

“The convenience and how easy it is to transport, as well as the comfort of using it and how it allows them to get into that yoga pose which would otherwise be a little tricky!”

Gregory said, 

“How it freed them from certain pains such as sciatica pain and period pain through getting an extra stretch on their dharma wheel yoga poses.”

Roy said, 

“Yoga has long been linked to various health benefits, and the Risefit Yoga Wheel seems to take your stretching to a new level if you are looking at yoga for preventing or rehabilitating and injury.”

Some people, however, have questioned how durable the wheel is over time however and commented that

“After some use, the wheel can show signs of some wear and tear.”

Orall, however, for the price and ease of use, reviews are positive for the Risefit Yoga Wheel.

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There is a whole market out there for Dharma Yoga wheels and it can be difficult knowing which one is the best choice and which one is for you.

Users should think about price, ease of use, durability, and comfort when considering a yoga wheel and although we rate the Risefit Wheel, there are others out there.

The SukhaMat Yoga wheel is highly rated on Amazon with great reviews and a money back guarantee.

  • The cost is slightly more however and so if you’re looking for a cheaper Yoga Wheel, the Risefit is the option for you.
  • If you are willing to spend a little more money however and know you will get good use out of the wheel, the SukhaMat is also a great option.

The UpCircleSeven wheel is also a good option for those who have more of a budget.

  • Again, it has good reviews, averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon and the design is smooth and professional.
  • Reviews comment on how good it looks and how efficient it is for stretching muscles and improving flexibility. Some people, however, have commented on how the color easily fades on the yoga wheel and how the color is not as vivid as advertised. Again, however, a good option for those with more of a budget.
  • Again, however, a good option for those with more of a budget.

FAQ & Additional Tips

1. Where can I get the product?

The product is readily available on Amazon, as well as eBay and yourfitnessdepot.com

2. What is the price?

Price start at $25 on Amazon and $44 on the Your Fitness Depot website.

3. What is the yoga wheel used for?

The yoga wheel can be used for increasing flexibility and stretching, as well as aiding in yoga poses throughout your regular sessions.

Users have commented how the yoga wheel allows you to get into positions you have previously found difficult and how the wheel generally aids stretching and suppleness.

4. What are the benefits of yoga?

The benefits of Yoga are vast, for both mental and physical health. Regular yoga sessions have been shown to increase flexibility and suppleness, prevent injuries, treat injuries and give clarity and clearness of the mind.

Over time weight loss has also been linked to yoga training, as well as muscle toning and definition.

5. How long will I have to wait for the product?

Amazon dispatch allows the product to be with you within one week.

The Your Fitness Depot site provides a number of different options for delivery including express delivery and free standard delivery.

For more information on delivery please see the main website.

6. What is the return/refunds policy?

Risefit offers a 3-year guarantee and each wheel come with a free guide and bonus gift for each customer.

Risefit offers a friendly service and state you can contact them with any questions until you are satisfied.

7. What makes the Risefit a great yoga wheel?

A great price, combined with high customer reviews and a functional design and trusted company makes the Risefit is a good choice of the wheel for those on a budget or looking to easily transport their yoga wheel to classes.

Final Verdict

We recommend the Risefit yoga wheel for ease of use and price. The company has a good reputation, with high customer reviews and users commenting on design, price, and function.

If you’re looking for a good all round yoga wheel that will be great for home workouts, as well as classes, the Risefit may be for you.

It is easily transportable, lightweight and good value making it a great choice for both beginner yoga practitioners but also instructors.

Yoga has been associated with various health benefits, both mental and physical and can be a great addition to any workout plan or routine you choose to follow. Over time, yoga can lead to weight loss, inner peace and injury reduction through suppleness and flexibility.

The Dharma Yoga wheel can aid you in making poses that were previously impossible, as well as adding another dimension to your workout and allowing you to truly feel a great stretch every time you have a session.

If you’d like to find out more about the wheel, check out the product here

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