Does Pilates Build Muscles? 4 Tips To Get Sexy and Strong Muscles with Pilates!

In today’s fitness-crazed world, we see a lot of people doing really extreme workouts by maxing out all efforts at the gym. It’s all for the glory of those huge cut arms and muscles we see in almost every magazine.

While it looks tempting and very appealing to the eyes, you should know that strength is more than the signature “cut” physique.

You’re interested with Pilates, we get it. But aside from the question, Does Pilates build muscles?” you should also ask whether the brawny figure comes with TRUE STRENGTH.

Read on to find out!


From A Simple Body and Mind Conditioning to a Hot Fitness Trend

If we go way back to the history of Pilates, you’ll know that it originated from the determination of a sickly child who wanted to make himself strong and healthy. It was some sort of an experiment from a bunch of different exercises: from classical Roman and Greek exercise regimes to bodybuilding and gymnastics.

Interestingly, the disciplines of yoga, tai chi, martial arts and Zen meditation, as well as anatomy and animal movements were also analyzed. All of these were essential to refine the big idea and develop the exercise method.

Thanks to Joseph Pilates (you guessed it right, he’s the founder of Pilates!), we can enjoy a system of strengthening and stretching exercises designed to make us strong and healthy too! But you must be wondering now, what exactly makes it a hot fitness trend?

A Graceful but Sexy Exercise.

Apparently, when fitness instructors first started teaching Pilates to their group class (back in the 90’s), it was simple. But it got really interesting when attendees started to notice that the exercise exuded total grace. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to do, though.

The instructors got a bit more creative by combining high-energy music into this strength training exercise. YouTube fitness gurus like Cassey Ho developed “Pop Pilates” that blends dance and music for a powerful and effective full-body workout. It was a program that helps its viewers sculpt and strengthen their muscles in exciting (far from boring) ways.

Ho is one of the pioneers to really cause a stir for Pilates. She shared a lot of positive messaging of loving your body and finding joy in the exercise.

People love Pilates because it’s responsible for seriously fun abdominal moves, and lean, lengthening leg exercises that will help you nab a dancer’s body in no time. Cool, right? Don’t tell us you’d say NO to that.

One of the Hottest Workout Classes.

Sultry fitness classes such as striptease aerobics and pole dancing may be hot.  These exercises took off successfully because they were just that. But there are other hot workout classes you may not know about. This includes Pilates! Yay!

If you want to get in shape, do a classic Pilates mat work. It will strengthen your core, free your weights (and fats) to tone muscles and build strength and endurance. The high-intensity training (or HIIT) drills will surely give you the best results!

Does Pilates Build Muscles?

We know that we already caught your attention. Now, going back to your question, we have your answers here! Make sure not to miss a single word, because after all, there’s a thin line (or space) between workout and work OUT.

1. Best to allot 20 minutes (of serious Pilates workout) for three times a week.

If you do, you will surely see exceptional changes in your body, especially with your abs. It’s simple. Grab a mat and do some Pilate exercises so it can engage and strengthen the deeper ab muscles in your body!

You will get a toned body (of course, with a sleek, flat stomach) and a graceful posture. Not to mention, your daily activities (like hoisting groceries or maybe carrying a couple of big trash bags) will be easier to do.


2. You’ll get taller too.

Pilates, as a strength training program, doesn’t make you feel too bulked up when you do it. That’s what makes it IDEAL. If you get to try it, you’ll feel that some of the exercises target your limbs (it actually accentuates it).

Pilates also transforms your bulky muscles into longer and leaner ones. So it’s not just about strengthening your muscles. It’s also about lengthening it and making you taller.

3. Toned arms, check!

It is common knowledge that Pilates exercises focus on the core— the muscles in your hips, abdomen, and b

ack. But no one ever said it can’t be used for an “arm series” that will get you those lean and strong arms. Pilates is not only good for your core, but it’s also beneficial to the other parts of the body such as your arms.                   


4. It focuses on the whole body and not just one muscle.

Rather than targeting just one muscle like some workouts do, Pilates routines better the whole body. That means hone long, lean muscles that definitely creates a stronger inner and outer frame.

Pilates does wonders on your abdominal and back as it can push it to a whole new level. The body is continually pushed to its limit with the routines. Plus, the moves don’t really involve positions where you simply lie dormant (like yoga).

Any workout should develop your body’s overall strength, or else, why did you even bother doing it?

Pilates is a SURE program to do the trick, and you’d notice it on a day-to-day basis. Whatever activity you plan on doing, you’ll realize how Pilates improves your overall strength, health, and daily life.

Come on! Wonder no more if pilates does build muscles. It’s not too late to try this amazing fitness regimen! Secure your Pilates mat or any other Pilates equipment that you’d like to have and start doing those drills in the comfort of your home. And if you feel like joining a group class, then go for it!

Be ready ‘cause you’ll be unlocking those muscles and your true strength.

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