8 Simple Tips on How To Make Your Yoga Mat Sticky

Has your yoga mat lost its sticky?


Did you purchase a new mat and find it is not as sticky as it should be?


We have some tips to help you keep your yoga mat sticky as well as how to make a yoga mat sticky again.


Why should a yoga mat be sticky?


Why do you want a sticky yoga mat? We all know that a slippery yoga mat leads to injury.


When you put your yoga mat down you want the side that you place on the floor to be sticky to prevent the mat from slipping and sliding to prevent possible injury. You also want the side you use to not be slippery.


When a mat becomes slippery this is where injury to knees and other joints can occur; which is the last thing you want.


Obviously, if you develop an injury you cannot do your yoga sessions so it is important that you not have a slippery mat.

Tips on breaking in a new mat


When it comes to breaking in your new mat, do not roll it up as soon as you are done with yoga. Instead, leave it out and use your bare feet on it during your favorite show on television; walk jump etc. on it during your television show. Use it to do other exercises or dance on it


Keeping it clean also helps keep it sticky. Wipe it off to keep dirt, dust, and debris or fibers from attaching to it.


Using a towel will help you not slide during your yoga session as well. While towels are always in need for hot yoga, they work well for all types of yoga.


Not only do they keep you from slipping and sliding they also keep your sweat off your yoga mat which can lead to it becoming slippery.


How to make a yoga mat sticky

If breaking your mat in is going to slow or your mat is no longer sticky you can use one of the following; in order to make a yoga mat sticky.

  • Before you lay your mat down, make sure the floor is clean. A quick sweep with a broom to remove any dust or dirt off the floor where your mat will lay is a big help with keeping the mat sticky.


  • If you have a mat in which both sides are sticky alternate between sides; every couple of sessions flip it to the side that has not been used this will make it wear evenly and last longer.


  • Apple cider vinegar wash – first, wash the mat with a mild soapy water and rinse. Next, wash with apple cider vinegar and water and then rinse thoroughly. Allow to air dry with it open. *Below are instructions for mixing this solution up.


  • You can also use baking soda and water to clean your mat with.


  • Wipe your mat down regularly.


  • A salt scrub will also help, mix sea salt with warm water, and use a cloth or soft bristle brush to scrub your mat. Then after the scrub wipe the mat clean with a wet towel.


  • Leaving your mat in the sun can also help reduce slipperiness by breaking down certain fibers. A word of caution on this; do not leave it in the sun for extended periods of time as it will cause it to dry out too much which will ruin your mat.  A couple hours at a time will be fine, though.


  • Purchase a towel either a microfiber or a cotton towel that looks like a tapestry will help you not slide when doing yoga.


Solutions you can use to clean your mat and help keep it sticky


a. Apple cider vinegar solution:


Use 1 cup each of apple cider vinegar and warm water.

You can put these into a spray bottle, and then give several good shakes to mix thoroughly.

This is easy to store for the next time, as well.

An optional add into this mixture is a couple of drops of tea tree oil.

Another option if you do not care for tea tree oil or out,  is a slice or two of lemon or orange which you will allow to sit for an hour after which you take the slices of fruit out.

You may want to strain it and then pour it into the spray bottle. This will help it smell better.


b. Ready-made solutions

Also, remember there are plenty of cleaning solutions available to purchase to clean your yoga mat with. Follow the instructions of the solutions.


c. Washing machines

Using your washing machine for some mats is fine, always read the care instructions, or ask your manufacturer if you can machine wash it. Always use a gentle detergent and a softer cycle as well as spin.


d. Soap and water

A mix of a mild soap such as Donners or Charlies with warm water will also work. Rinse thoroughly and then dry completely.

When storing your mat


When storing your mat remember to leave it loosely rolled in order for air to circulate around it. This will help to keep smells out.


Never store your mat wet. Always wash after your yoga session and dry before storing.




When it comes to answering how to keep your yoga mat sticky, remember there are plenty of cleaning solutions available for purchase.


We have also given you several ways to wash your mat with less expensive home solutions such as apple cider vinegar and water.


Just remember if you are not sure about how to clean your mat, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If there are no instructions, try to contact them for the instructions.


Also keeping your floor clean as well as yourself is a huge help in keeping your mat clean so it remains sticky.


If all else fails and you still find it too slippery we recommend purchasing a towel. Either a cotton towel that resembles a tapestry or a micro fiber towel, this keeps your sweat off the mat as well as keeping you from sliding around.


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